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Extranet: Arranet - Arrabe Asesores


Since Arrabe Asesores was born in 1964, the company has always been investing in innovation, constantly updating the processes to increase the productivity, upgrade hardware and develop personalized software applications, creating a 2.0 web and modernising its corporative image and brand positioning.

Arrabe Asesores is one of the first small companies in Madrid and in the business consulting field that has supplied its cliens with an online extranet, Arranet, in order to develop a complete and perfectly coordinated advising.

Arrabe Asesores has also developed a mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets, which can be downloaded for free in Mac App Store and Android Market. With this app the users reveive alerts with the dates of the taxes for companies, just like other legal duties related to the areas in which Arrabe Asesores is specialized, and also news of the company and the field, useful information, advices...

Moreover you can consult the map with the four offices of Arrabe Asesores in Madrid, the corporative webpage and request online advising.

Arrabe Asesores' clients can also access to Arranet with their smartphone.

The company has also created an ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) which allows them to have the best knowledge about every client in order to carry out the required tests to provide with the best solutions in each case.

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