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Una compañía especializada en el asesoramiento a empresas. Arrabe Asesores

We offer you profitable solutions

What do we do?

We support you

We have been around 50 years helping small businesses and big companies in different areas: Accounting, Taxes, Legal and Labor. That is the way Arrabe has become one of the main consulting companies in Madrid.

The team you need

We select our consultants through a detailed process, after which they constantly receive specialized training. That is the reason why they will provide you the most appropriate answers, covering also everything related to Social Security, local management consulting and insurances, running bussinesses...

Apart from this, we have many professional agreements in complementary fields, as notaries, experts, temporary employment agencies, tax consultants, lawyers... 

International network

We count on an external network to provide services to our international clients. That is the reason why are part of TIAG (The International Accounting Group) the biggest worldwide alliance of business consulting firms. 

We already provide covering in the United States of America, Brazil, Portugal and Angola.

Our mission

Providing an excellent service, always respecting the biggest ethical demands giving our clients profitable solutions to each client. 

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