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Newsletter No. 2 - February 2010

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Details Newsletter No. 2 - February 2010

  • The number of companies created decreased by 24.5% in 2009 compared to 2008.

    In 2009, 78,171 corporations were created, 24.5% less than in 2008. The subscribed capital for its establishment almost reaches 4.782 million euros, 40.6% less than in the previous year. For its part, the average capital subscribed registered a decrease of 21.3%.

    In addition, 36,665 in 2009 expanded capital corporations, 17.1% less than in 2008. The capital subscribed in the increases recorded a decrease of 23.0% and reached 37.783 million euros. The average capital subscribed in these operations recorded a decrease of 7.2%.

    The number of companies dissolved in 2009 was 17,385, up 7.2% over 2008. Of these, 80.6% did so voluntarily, by melting 11.7% and 7.7% other causes.

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  • The crisis triggered the supply of rental housing under a thousand eurosThe crisis triggered the supply of rental housing under a thousand euros

    The supply of rental homes priced below $ 1,000 has increased in the last two years in major Spanish property markets according to the latest study, leading real estate portal in Spain. Specifically, the supply has increased by 660% in Barcelona and Madrid 413%

    The segment of flats with rents of less than a thousand euros has come to represent 61.6% of all dwellings advertised in Barcelona (27.8% in 2007) and 64% of the advertised rental housing in the capital (39.1% in 2007).

    The explanation for this shift in the supply of rentals found in three areas that have coincided in time:

    • The difficulty in finding a buyer has forced landlords to rent out their homes, which has increased the housing stock since the beginning of the crisis, in 2007 (increase of 243.4% in Barcelona and 213.7% in Madrid).
    • In 2008 began a turnaround in prices has been confirmed during 2009 and until today has been a fall in prices of rental housing stock from 14.8% in Barcelona and 9.1% in Madrid.
    • Government measures to promote the rental, as the consolidation of the Public Rental (SPA) under the Ministry of Housing, working sector have boosted the security of ownership and facilitating the marketing of new homes.

    According to Fernando Encinar, chief studies is likely that during 2010 the housing supply to increase with an even more expensive. Maybe back to see more affordable rents in the last three years, in the vicinity of the 600 euros”

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  • 46 workers are victims of occupational disease every day

    In Spain, 46 workers are victims of occupational disease every day. UGT is enforceable by Royal Decree of occupational diseases, as their lack of application is causing a minor declaration of Diseases, and the inclusion in the forthcoming Public Health Bill a specific section of occupational health to improve the defense mechanisms health workers. The union considers necessary to improve the management of Mutual and commitment to social dialogue as a starting point to find a way to solve the tragedy of industrial accidents in Spain.

    In Spain, 2 workers die each day due to his work, 18 suffer a serious accident during the day and 1,855 have a slight accident in the course of his business. In addition, each day 46 workers are victims of occupational disease in Spain, according to the report prepared by UGT Diseases for 2009.

    UGT denounces the lack of fatal occupational disease reporting in Spain, none in the last ten years, and the decline in the statement of the number of occupational diseases with low, although on record by Social Security. Therefore, the union enforces the Royal Decree of Occupational Diseases, and the lack of enforcement of it is causing far less reporting of occupational diseases.

    The General Workers Union considers it essential to the future inclusion in the Public Health Act of a specific section of occupational health, while respecting the General Health Law of 1986 on prevention of occupational hazards, improve defense mechanisms of health of workers.

    It is also necessary to improve the management of Mutual by the complete renovation of the Regulation on Mutual collaboration of occupational accidents and occupational diseases of Social Security in order to achieve greater participation of representatives of workers in the real and effective management of them, and greater control of government, employers and unions in the management bodies of the Mutual.

    UGT commitment to social dialogue as a starting point to find a way to solve the tragedy of industrial accidents in Spain and emphasizes the Spanish Strategy on Health and Safety at Work as the national agreement on this matter. The union considers it essential to the objective 3 of this Strategy: Strengthen the role of social partners and the involvement of employers and employees in improving safety and health at work "as a necessary and definitive to change that picture of default, at least in part, the Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks.

    Furthermore, UGT expressed the need for Comprehensive Claims Act, and we have a good Law on Prevention of Occupational Hazards and comprehensive development regulations, but lack of implementation of it. The union considers it essential to improve the institutional participation, coordinating public policies for risk prevention, small business take preventive agents, increasing both material resources and the human resources of the Inspectorate of Labour and Social Security and inclusion in Collective bargaining provisions to improve the rules on risk prevention.

    For the General Union of Workers, the solution is a great commitment from all Government, Unions and Employers, to take the risk prevention every business, each and every one of the Spanish workers, in order to end this social evil that plagues Spain.

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  • Extended temporary protection program for unemployment and insertionExtended temporary protection program for unemployment and insertion

    The Council of Ministers approved a Royal Decree by extending for six months, from February 16 to 15 August inclusive, the duration of temporary protection program for unemployment and insertion.

    This program is regulated for the first time in August last year by a Royal Decree, which was replaced by the Act of November 11, 2009. The amount of the benefit is equal to 80 per 100 of IPREM, which in 2009 was 420 euros, and in 2010 amounted to 426 euros.

    The benefit may be perceived by the unemployed under 65 years at date of application to join, meet the requirements, among which the extinction due to depletion of the maximum unemployment benefit level or non-contributory and contributory commitment to participate in pathways to integration, which the program promotes the connection between the perception of income protection against unemployment and participation of beneficiaries in pathways to integration, to increase their access to job.

    Six-month extension

    Act of 2009 empowered the Government, taking into account the economic outlook and employment situation, could extend the program for six months. Upon completion of the February 15 the duration of the program and maintain the conditions of economic crisis and its impact on employment that led to it, the Government has decided to use the empowerment and extended for six months so far, in order of diminishing the impact of the economic situation of the unemployed, strengthening its protection against unemployment.

    The extension applies only to workers who die out of exhaustion contributory benefit or unemployment benefit from 16 February until 15 August, not to the current beneficiaries, as the maximum they can receive aid will remain non-renewable six-month.

    The number of new beneficiaries is estimated at around 243,100 unemployed.

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  • Deduction for investment in new plant and equipment itemsDeduction for investment in new plant and equipment items.

    With effect for tax year which begins in 1996, taxpayers may deduct from the tax payable on 5 for 100 of the amount of investment in new items of property, excluding land, affects the development of economic exploitation the entity that are made available to the taxpayer within such tax years. The amount of the deduction may not exceed 15 per 100 of the tax payable, reduced by deductions for double taxation and international and domestic subsidies. The amounts not deducted may be used, respecting the same limit, on the payment of the tax periods ending in the five years immediately successive

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  • Treasury opens door to interact only with the self online

    The Tax Office will only communicate via the Internet to "natural persons for their professional dedication are guaranteed access" to the network and computer tools "appropriate. " The measure, introduced in a royal decree, has taken the industry by surprise, and that did not appear in the draft that was published last July.

    The postman will stop knocking on the door of certain professionals to deliver letters with the letterhead of Finance. A royal decree amending various tax rules, published Tuesday in the Official Gazette, specify that the tax authorities may assign an e-mail to individuals, provided they "are part of groups with economic or technical ability" to relate only internet to the Tax Agency.

    It is still unknown who is affected by this measure, and to be regulated by a ministerial order. In any case, Economy Ministry sources argue that the relationship through internet will be restricted to professionals currently telematically and communicate with management. "We assume it will not affect the small business owner who has a dry goods store, "said Luis del Amo, director of the Register of Tax Advisers Economists. However, it considers that the measure is excessive and may even violate the law on citizens' electronic access to public services.

    In the draft royal decree specified that the Treasury is already assigned an email to legal persons (companies) to interact with them only through the internet, however, nothing was said of individuals, which in principle were outside the norm.

    In Spain, there is something more than a million businesses are taxed on the income tax and are considered legal persons. For businesses, the new requirement will apply regardless of computer and economic resources they have. Ministry sources argue that, currently, companies and corporation tax sent through the Internet and assume that the measure would not be a problem for companies.

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  • Spain and Andorra signed an agreement to exchange tax informatioSpain and Andorra signed an agreement to exchange tax information

    The Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance, Elena Salgado, and the head of the Government of Andorra, Jaume Bartumeu, have signed an agreement to exchange information on tax matters between the Kingdom of Spain and the Principality of Andorra.

    Andorra was one of the few states in Europe to recognize its banking secrecy laws. Although there had been contacts between the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Andorran authorities recently, and following the work undertaken by the G-20, Andorra is committed to adapt its legislation to current standards of the OECD's information exchange.

    With the new agreement, the tax office will have all relevant tax information for appropriate and effective use of Spanish taxpayers, since it involves access to banking and accounting, as well as the ability to identify the beneficial owners of any type of transaction.

    The deal marks a significant advance in terms of instruments of fiscal fraud prevention and will have a significant disincentive to the conduct of operations whose purpose is international tax fraud.

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