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Newsletter: No 12 - December 2010

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Details Newsletter No. 12 - December 2010

  • Communications and notices from the State Tax Administration Agency by electronic means.

    This new standard is more relevant for the possible consequences that may result from their failure to comply, given that certain sections of taxpayers from now and after receiving a letter forwarding information for the proper administration of finances, began receiving communications and tax notices electronically.

    Arrabe Asesores, years ago began providing electronic services to all its customers and gradually have been incorporated by specific takeovers such as the filing and tax models, the application for Certification of various types (subcontractors, current payment tax obligations, etc.), census filing, obtaining labels, etc.

    This new standard involves having to make a new takeover specific if you want to delegate this obligation, as the notifications made by the tax, usually put in place various management procedures, both tax (more commonly known as requirements), as inspection . In general, the importance of these communications are clear, since not meet them on time and involve significant penalties and consequences.

    So as they're producing the communication of Finance and for those customers who insist wish to delegate this service and personal monitoring of such notifications, launches a new service on Electronic Communications with a monthly nominal cost. It is important to understand that this service contract, Arrabe Asesores guarantees attention in time and form of notices received from the tax, thus avoiding aggravating the consequences of any tax procedure is not followed properly.

    Failure to delegate this obligation implies that the employer obtains the appropriate digital certificates, in the Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (FNMT) and obtain and provide the certificates required for procurement procedures to Register. Once obtained, the computer installed in a trusted and track communications in 10 days, because, once activated the system, is the term given to consider finances by notice to the taxpayer.

    To understand the function and significance in the practical effects of this rule, following are the salient features of this new formal requirement imposed by the Treasury.

    What are the communications and electronic notices?

    The citizens' electronic access to public services has resulted in a new way to notify via Internet-enabled e-mail address (DEH) for all Central Government. In general, public authorities and in particular the State Tax Administration Agency (Inland Revenue or AEAT), in their relations with citizens, report or report acts or decisions, especially in writing. Form of communication or notification by electronic means is effective, safe, economical and environmentally friendly, ensuring efficiency in relations with citizens.

    What is the address-DEH-enabled?

    The email address serves enabled to receive administrative notices by electronic means to practice the Central Government and its public agencies. Associated with the address, the holder will have a mailbox where you receive notifications from the agencies and procedures. Notifications are not sent, therefore, to any particular email account.

    The DEH will remain in force indefinitely is not possible revocation or disqualification.

    Who is required to receive communications and electronic notices of the tax?

    Are obliged to receive electronic communications and notifications, persons and entities listed below:

    In any case, the process of assigning an email would begin soon but may be delayed beyond the year. Finally, the self-employed small business owners whose profits are taxed by the income tax instead of income tax, will not be affected by the measure. However, Treasury does not rule out that in the future can be required to interact online only to "individuals who belong to groups who, because of their economic or technical, professional dedication or otherwise credited, are guaranteed access and availability of technological means accurate ".

    • Corporations (NIF point A) and Limited (NIF B)
    • Legal persons and unincorporated businesses that do not have Spanish nationality (NIF letter N)
    • Permanent establishments and branches of non-resident (NIF letter W)
    • Joint ventures (NIF letter U)
    • EIG, European Economic Interest Groupings, pension funds, venture capital funds, investment funds, asset securitization funds, funds of adjustment of the mortgage market, mortgage-backed funds and investment guarantee funds (all NIF letter V)
    • Taxpayers enrolled in the Register of Large Enterprises
    • Taxpayers who pay taxes in the Tax Consolidation Regime of Income Tax
    • Taxpayers who pay taxes in the Special Regime for VAT Group Entities
    • Taxpayers enrolled in the Register of Monthly Return of VAT (REDEM)
    • Taxpayers with leave to file customs declarations by electronic transmission of data (EDI).

    What can communicate or notify the Tax Office electronically?

    The persons and entities mentioned above will be required to electronically receive all communications and notices made the tax in this way in their activities and tax procedures, customs and foreign trade statistics and collection management of the resources of other entities and Public Administration has allocated or assigned. Therefore, the electronic notification becomes the standard way of reporting the actions of the tax. However, there are some exceptions as detailed below.

    Procedure must be included in the system and method of access to the DEH

    The Tax Office will notify by letter to the obligation to receive communications and electronic notices, the inclusion of office, assigning a DSM. In the case of new registrations in the Census of Taxpayers notification of inclusion in the DEH system can make communication with the NIF final allocation.

    The new system replaces DEH mandatory for all notifications received from the SATA, the secure telematics service notifications (DEU) of taxpayers who voluntarily signed up to the latter, registration will be void. Both systems have the same technical basis, with equal access.

    Who can access the DEH?

    Access to the DEH can be made directly by the taxpayer or by an agent with express power to receive notification of the tax telematics.

    In both cases, authentication is required of stakeholders through electronic certificates to be admitted under the provisions of the legislation.

    Empowerment to receive electronic notices

    Alternatively, complementary to that of the party has its own electronic certificate, is that access to electronic notices referred to it by the Tax Office make another person who already has its own electronic certificate and to whom the applicant has expressly empowered to the receipt of such notification by registering for this purpose in the registry to take over the AEAT. This allows the third party acting on access to communications or submissions received through its own mailbox.

    "Let me know if I received a communication or notification of the AEAT in my mailbox?

    Access is needed periodically (at least once every 10 days) to mail notices of the DBR, as if it were another email account more. However, the State Company for Post and Telegraph, Inc., provider of the service, provides the possibility to configure the mailbox profile, to enter a personal email account in which, on a non-binding, you will be informed entries of new communications and notifications made by the AEAT.

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  • Arrabe Asesores, Inc. concluding a trade agreement with Contabilidade e Assessoria Velani.Arrabe Asesores, Inc. concluding a trade agreement with Contabilidade e Assessoria Velani.

    The agreement will enable customers of both firms access to its services in Spain and Brazil to develop its business.

    Pozuelo de Alarcón, December 21, 2010 .- Arrabe Asesores, SA, and Velani Contabilidade e Assessoria, management consulting firms, have signed a trade agreement of collaboration to make available to their customers the business network of offices and services both companies have paid in Spain and Brazil.

    Given the increasing incidence detected by clients of the firm Arrabe Asesores, Inc., to seek specific advice from business operations in Brazil, as well as the implementation of possible lines of business in this country, the direction of the company began series of contacts with firms of similar characteristics in terms of configuration, quality and quantity of services provided. Thus last week signed a framework agreement between two commercial entities, which was subsequently translated into the formal signing of a mutual agreement of collaboration.

    Velani Contabilidade e Assessoria, is a company aimed at supporting the SMEs, entrepreneurs and professionals in the areas of accounting, taxation, personnel management and management support in general.

    Started its activity in 1977 and has been steadily increasing its human resource structure, reinforcing it with technical expertise, properly prepared to effectively meet the growing demands is headquartered in São José do Rio Preto, a town near Sao Paulo.

    With the agreement now signed, it seeks to provide customers with greater coverage of services and with existing beyond our borders, from the quality and level of commitment that to date have paid.

    The basis of the Agreement are set out in the following sections:

    A) Advice from both Offices in:

    • Preparation of reports and consultations on behalf of potential clients in Commercial, Tax, Accounting, Management, Human Resource Management, etc..
    • update of common legal rules and updating of legislation and interpretation of rules.
    • Collaboration in advising on all contracted services to common customers.

    B) Establishment and start-up businesses lower the existing different legal forms:

    • Permanent Establishment.
    • Limited Liability Companies.
    • Corporations.
    • Mergers, acquisitions, and liquidations of companies, etc.
    • Trade Secretariat, processing scripts, and negotiations with public bodies, whether state, regional or local.

    C) Specific management procedures for:

    • Tax Preparation.
    • Consulting local and regional area.
    • Representing clients before agencies of any kind.

    D) Jobs fee for any month, upon acceptance of quotation, the keeping of accounting, financial management and legal work of all types of businesses.

    For more information:

    R. Com. Antonio Teixeira Correa Leite, 716
    Jd. Redentor - CEP 15015-610
    São José do Rio Preto - SP
    17 | 3201 777

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  • The City of Pozuelo de Alarcón rewards of new policies Reconciling personal and professional life enjoyed by all employees Arrabe Asesores.The City of Pozuelo de Alarcón rewards of new policies Reconciling personal and professional life enjoyed by all employeesArrabe Asesores.

    On November 30, 2010, has undertaken the delivery of the VII Prize for the Reconciliation of Professional and Personal Life, organized by the Ayuntamiento de Pozuelo de Alarcón through the Department of Culture, Institutional Relations, Protocol and Women. Arrabe Asesores, has been awarded second prize (Special Jury Prize) in the category of Medium-Sized Enterprises (10 to 50 employees).

    The city of Pozuelo has developed an ambitious program of conciliation with the companies in the municipality for the promotion of equal opportunities through the implementation of actions in the area of Reconciling Work and Family Life.

    In this sense, the implementation of reconciliation measures provide significant business benefits in the form of a new working environment, where people feel more motivated and supported characterized by higher levels of commitment and productivity and therefore lower costs for absenteeism work.

    Conciliation Awards organized by the city of Pozuelo, are today considered a reference in the field of the Community of Madrid, both for its impact and the number of participating companies, reward quality, quantity and implementation of conciliatory measures in enterprises. And consist of public recognition, along with the delivery of a distinction of names for companies awarded in each category may use the award in its corporate advertising, presentations, reports, etc.

    Since Arrabe Asesores obtain the Certificate of Reconciliation and Equality and Family-Friendly Company in 2007, this type of proactive policies apply to all its staff, have become one of its main lines of action in its Human Resources policy.

    According to its Director General, Miguel Angel Ferrer, "It's possible advice to our clients without leaving the balance of our employees, we are certainly committed to doing a different form of comprehensive advisory companies with the dual purpose of both the economic balance, such as social cost-effective and positive. For our company is a true honor to a strategic decision of this magnitude, is rewarded both internally, through the commitment and involvement of our staff, and externally by the recognition in these awards. "

    Reconciliation measures Key Employee Application of Arrabe Asesores

    Quality employment

    • Extra days of vacation per seniority
    • Temporal and spatial flexibility
    • Overtime compensation for days off
    • Flexible schedule
    • Intensive day in summer and Christmas
    • Flexible holiday calendar
    • Compressed week

    Family support

    • Abandonment of workplace family emergency
    • 3 extra days of paid paternity leave
    • Possibility of extending maternity leave to 18 weeks
    • Reduced working hours
    • Possible combination of breastfeeding in maternity leave
    • 2 hours of absence for the birth of a premature child or hospitalization
    • Reduced hours for care for sick family members ensuring 100% of salary.
    • Gratification by birth and / or adoption

    Professional Development

    • Internal and external training
    • Grant of up to 75% of training coses

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  • Only 43% of Spanish firms innovative activities.

    Less than half of Spanish firms innovative activities. Only 43% did so between 2006 and 2008, compared with 51% of the EU average. Meanwhile, 70% of German companies or 58% of the Belgian innovated in this period. Spain is the big EU country with a lower percentage.

    Only 43% of Spanish firms innovative activities. Less than half of Spanish firms innovative activities. Only 43% did so between 2006 and 2008, compared with 51% of the EU average. Meanwhile, 70% of German companies or 58% of the Belgian innovated in this period. Spain is the big EU country with a lower percentage.

    According to data from the latest Survey on Innovation in the EU in 2006-2008 (Community Innovation Survey) just released by Eurostat, 51.6% of all European businesses and industry services have innovative activity the three years analyzed. However, the differences between countries are enormous, with Germany ranked first with almost 80% and Latvia closed the standings with 24.3%, according to the Economic Research Institute (EEI).

    The second, after Germany, are in Luxembourg with 64.7% of innovative enterprises, below Belgium (58.1%) and Portugal (57.8%). Ireland, Estonia, Austria, Cyprus and the Czech Republic is around 56%, while Sweden and Italy exceed 53%. Finland (52.2%) and Denmark (51.9%) also manage to stay above average. Slovenia and France and stay around 50%, the figures down by 45.6% in the UK and 44.9% in the Netherlands.

    Spain is the lowest ranked of the former EU-15. Only 43.5% of Spanish companies have been innovative activity between 2006 and 2008. Spain behind only contains a number of new accession countries, including Malta (37.4%) and Slovakia (36.1%) are not too far. The classification of closed Poland (27.9%) and Latvia (24.3%).

     Only 43% of Spanish firms innovative activities

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