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Newsletter: No. 15 - March 2011

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Details Newsletter No. 15 - March 2011

  • Arrabe Asesores on your IphoneArrabe Asesores on your Iphone.

    A year ago Arrabe Asesores began its software update program, this ape in mid-2010, became operational the new corporate website. Web 2.0 concept, where customers can access not only to all corporate information about our company, but also to company data through powerful extranet (Arranet).

    In this ambitious program and as pioneers in the field of Business Consulting, we now offer a new RSS feed for the iPhone.

    This website has been developed Distineooffers the possibility to have an RSS reader, to keep up to date on our news and events. With this application, you can read our news and events via your iPhone.

    Avalaible App Store

    Arrabe Asesores in your Iphone

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  • Finance fires a 25% income tax finesFinance fires a 25% income tax fines

    On the eve of launching a partial amnesty to the economy, the Treasury is increasingly stronger. Since 2004 it has doubled its revenue.

    VAT hike, cut staff salary, pension freeze, elimination of the baby check, income tax hike disguised ... All of these measures has prompted the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in recent months to reduce the budget deficit are not sufficient. Therefore, the tax is soaring to unprecedented levels of state revenue through fines and penalties.

    According to the latest data of budget execution, the State Administration last year grossed over one billion euros by means of surcharges and interest charged by the Inland Revenue, 23.7% more than a year ago. When the leader of the executive was installed in 2004 at La Moncloa finance fines amounted to only 486.2 million.

    These data demonstrate several things. On the one hand, the crisis makes it more Spanish each have problems in complying with the Treasury. Second, according to sources, that the standard formulas to improve government revenues are insufficient, so it is resorting to sanctions to meet fundraising goals that makes the administration of the State every year.

    These data attract attention at a time when the Executive has announced it will launch an amnesty to regulate the economy. On the one hand, further increase the monitoring of the accounts of taxpayers before the dismissal at least when making tax declarations. And another is announced that will relax the rules to bring out the illegal activity in companies, leaving the Administration disadvantaged entrepreneurs and individuals that it does meet the standards.

    The Government is on the lookout for people who are in debt to finance long. The Inland Revenue admitted 614.58 million euros in 2010 of sanctions had in previous years, 20% more than a year ago.

    It is also accelerating the recovery of penalties imposed and which fall within the same box in a year: in 2010 entered the public coffers 392.36 million of the fines that put taxpayers finance that year, a figure 30% higher than the previous year.

    But Treasury still has many problems to grab what they should by this controversial game. According to the Ministry, people need to EUR 2.787 million to the Treasury in tax penalties and interest, 20% more than in 2009. This figure was three times lower when José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero began his first term.

    Therefore, the Treasury admitted only 35% annually of what taxpayers owed ??by such sanctions. This percentage was 54% in 2004, indicating that the lead agency Juan Manuel López Carbajal is increasingly raising issues according to their initial estimates.

    But the tax penalties are not the only growing. Other sanctions (among which are the administrative as the CNMV and the Bank of Spain) also soared at a rate of 12% in 2010. It raised nearly 200 million euros.

    Sanctions road to alleviate the red state

    The government not only uses the tax to raise revenues from the public coffers. Traffic fines are usually other issues to which clings very recurrent. The Home Office estimated in the budget of 2011 would enter 409 million thanks to the penalties for drivers, a factor that predicted a reduction in revenue of 5%. However, raising to 110 kilometers per hour, the legal limit for driving, this amount could rise to 431 million with the most conservative estimates, a figure similar to that provided a year earlier (see EXPANSION of March 9).

    To make matters worse, the central government is devoting increasing resources of the revenue through fines and fees as the driving license to reduce the deficit, although from the Interior have ensured by active and passive income thanks to the traffic fines are intended to improve road infrastructure and stop accidents. According to data of budget execution in 2010, the State has allocated 184.3 million euros than it receives through fees and fines to tackle the red of the state, 81.8% from a year earlier. This is what the State auditors defined as the "sweep ", which claims that the surplus funds of autonomous state reduce the hole.

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  • Main lines of funding ICOMain lines of funding ICO.

    Summary of the main funding for this year 2011.


    Loans to finance goods or services improve resource efficiency and reduce environmental impacts.

    Application Deadline: open until 19/12/2011 or until funds are depleted.

    Aimed at autonomous, companies and public entities

    Eligible investments: productive investment in sectors and sustainable investing activities:

    • Acquisition and renovation of productive fixed assets, new or second hand, falling within the sectors of sustainable economy
    • Acquisition of businesses
    • IVA or IGIC for investment financed


    Application Deadline: Open until 19/12/2011

    Aimed at autonomous and public and private entities (companies, foundations, NGO's, Public Administration, City Councils, Local Authorities).

    Eligible investments: productive investment in sectors and activities that can not be considered sustainable:

    • Investment in productive assets, new or second hand (machinery, computer equipment, furniture, buildings ...)
    • Purchase of passenger vehicles whose price does not exceed € 30,000 plus VAT. Commercial vehicles may be financed at 100%.
    • Acquisition of businesses
    • VAT IGIC


    Application Deadline: open until 19/12/2011 or until funds are depleted.

    The partner banks are in charge of examination and approval of transactions, since they assume 100% of the risk.

    Aimed at autonomous and public and private entities (companies (domiciled in Spain or domiciled abroad with most Spanish capital), Foundations, NGO's, Public Administration).


    Application Deadline: open until 19/12/2011.

    Credit institutions are collaborating in charge of examining and approving transactions

    Aimed at autonomous and public and private entities (companies, foundations, NGO's, Public Administration, City Councils, Local Authorities) regardless of its size, remain solvent and viable, face a temporary situation of credit constraint, provided that the same is current payment to the Financial Institution grantor.

    This loan: obtain liquidity meet current expenses: payroll, vendor payments, purchase of goods, restructuring of liabilities, etc. No justification is required use of funds.

    Maximum loan amount:

    Up Maximum of 10 Million € in one or more transactions


    Application Deadline: valid until 31/12/2011. Through the channel of Financial Facilitator (

    Operations approved by the ICO will be formalized through the BBVA and Banco Santander.

    Aimed at autonomous, SMEs and nonprofit entities (if they have legal personality and capacity to act), residents in Spain

    ICO SGR - equity loans of SGR

    Application Deadline: open until 19/12/2011. Through Channel Financial Facilitator (

    Aimed at autonomous, companies and nonprofit entities (if they have legal personality and capacity to act), residents in Spain

    Bankable: investment and liquidity ICO Direct Line

    The investment fund may not be older than 1 year and must be implemented within 3 months from the date of signature of the financing


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  • Award of the Social Seal Pozuelo City Council to Arrabe Asesores S.A.Award of the Social Seal Pozuelo City Council to Arrabe Asesores S.A.

    Recognition Award for Corporate Social Responsibility organized by the departments of Family and Social Affairs, Information Technology and Communication with Citizens and Business Development, Women and Employment.

    The city of Pozuelo been developing since 2007 an ambitious program of support and recognition to organizations settled in the town of Pozuelo de Alarcón which are distinguished by the existence of effective corporate social responsibility measures.

    In the ceremony held on Wednesday, March 2 in the Chapel Room of the City of Pozuelo de Alarcón, Arrabe Asesores SA has been recognized in the category of Medium Business, once the assessment phase during the period Call 2010.

    Measurable indicators that have allowed Arrabe Asesores SA be worthy of the award one year are based on several areas of Corporate Social Responsibility such as governance and ethics in business management, quality of working life and health and safety, customer relations, relationships with suppliers and contract partners, the company's relationship with society and with the Public Administration.

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  • Special term option to cover contingencies professionals and the cessation of business for self-employedSpecial term option to cover contingencies professionals and the cessation of business for self-employed.

    Extended the deadline to apply for coverage until the 30th of June.

    Article 47.4.2. nd the general regulation on business registration and enrollment, additions, deletions and changes of data workers in Social Security, approved by Royal Decree 84/1996 of 26 January, regulating the exercise of option and the waiver of the coverage of industrial accidents and occupational diseases under the Special Scheme for Workers Self-Employed.

    To facilitate access to the late provision for cessation of activity by those employees, regulated in Law 32/2010, of August 5, whose coverage is linked to the contingencies of those professionals, it is advisable to enable self-employed workers who had not opted for the latter protection, proceed to exercise this option by issuing a special term for it.

    Workers at the date of entry into force of this order appear high on the Special Scheme for Self-Employed or self-employed and are not covered by contingency protection professionals and for cessation of activity, are eligible for coverage until June 30, 2011, with effect from the first day of the month following that option.

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