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Lastest Newsletter: No. 21 - October 2011

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Detail Newsletter No. 21 - October 2011

  • Fellows will social security contributions from November 1Fellows will social security contributions from November 1

    People who have participated in training before the entry into force of Royal Decree may sign a special agreement that allows them to quote the computation of up to two years.

    The Council of Ministers on a proposal of the Minister of Labour and Immigration, Valeriano Gómez, approved on 21 October, the Royal Decree that regulates the inclusion in the General Social Security of the people involved in programs training. Who would have done prior to the entry into force of Royal Decree may conclude a special agreement that allowed the calculation of contributions to a maximum of two years.

    The Royal Decree provides that persons who participate in training programs related to college or vocational training, financed by public or private organizations, including training practices involving a financial consideration for those affected, will be treated as employees for for inclusion in the General Social Security. Fellows must prove their status certificate issued by the bodies or firms that finance them.

    Membership will run from the date of commencement to the cessation of the activity of participating in the training program.The quote will be conducted using the same rules established for training and apprenticeship contracts in regard to common and professional contingencies, as well as vocational training, established in the Law of the State Budget. They must contribute for unemployment contingency or the Wage Guarantee Fund.

    To this end, the company or organization to fund the training program shall have the status of entrepreneur and assume the rights and obligations attached to them in the General Regime of Social Security. Fellows will have the same coverage that members of the General Scheme, except for unemployment protection.

    Persons who have participated in training programs prior to the entry into force of Royal Decree may sign a special agreement with the Social Security, one-time, allowing them to quote for the computation of the periods during which he held a scholarship, both in Spain and abroad, to a maximum of two years. To receive this special agreement the applicant must show that duration of training programs that have participated. Only be taken into account for these effects, the last two years.

    The contribution base for the special convention shall consist of the minimum contribution base in force in the General Regime of Social Security in the corresponding period, which will apply a reduction coefficient of 0.77. You can request the signing of special agreement to the December 31, 2012. In this case, the total amount of the contribution may be paid in a lump sum or in installments in a maximum number of months equal to double the number that are formalized in the agreement.

    The fellows who are in the situation regulated by Royal Decree at the time of entry into force will be incorporated into the general scheme from that date for which the agencies or companies that finance the training program must apply for registration as company and the opening of trading account code.

    The price paid for the month of November 2011 may enter without penalty and interest on late payments until January 31, 2012.

    The Government estimates that there may be around 30,000 people at the set of trainees in universities, foundations and other organizations providing such training aid. It is also estimated between 100,000 and 200,000 the number of people eligible to sign the special convention for having had the status of trainees above.

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  • Arrabe Asesores began to expand and join the largest global network of tax advisersArrabe Asesores began to expand and join the largest global network of tax advisers

    Launch new services, will expand its offices within the Community of Madrid and establish new partnerships to increase its international presence.

    • The company recently joined TIAG (The International Accounting Group, International Group of Accounting), a global alliance of independent consulting company with long experience and a strong reputation in each of their countries.
    • Arrabe Asesores SA, founded in 1964, is a leading consulting firms in the Community of Madrid. It has a portfolio of more than 1,200 customers and revenues of EUR 1.5 million in 2010.
    • Miguel Angel Ferrer Garcerán, general managing partner Arrabe: "Many of our clients are beginning to operate in other markets to overcome the slump in demand in Spain and Arrabe Asesores will want to ensure that your needs covered with the same standards as if they were in Madrid" .

    Arrabe Asesores S.A. strengthens its international expansion to provide a comprehensive service to its customers joining TIAG (The International Accounting Group, International Group of Accounting), a global alliance of independent consulting company with long experience and a strong reputation in each of their countries. Just another Spanish company is part of this network.

    Miguel Angel Ferrer Garcerán, general managing partner of Arrabe Asesores, explains that "many of our customers are beginning to operate in other markets to overcome the collapse of domestic demand in Spain and Arrabe Asesores will want to ensure that your needs covered with the same standards as if were in Madrid. "Ferrer also argues that "in the business advice, as in any area of activity, we must turn to other countries to keep growing. Not only large Spanish companies, also small and medium enterprises must be able to compete in the global economy or not overcome the current crisis. "

    Arrabe Asesores, founded in 1964, offers a full advice to companies, optimizing resources and the benefits of its clients, combining the outsourcing of jobs (outsourcing) with personal involvement with each of them, and making companies are relying on Arrabe more competitive.

    He has developed and maintains strong relationships built on complete trust, with over 1,200 customers, from loyal spirit of service, professionalism and efficiency. Arrabe turnover of 1.5 million euros in 2010.

    Basically, its areas of activity are: Accounting, Tax, Legal, Legal and Labor. Thus, Arrabe solves almost all of the needs of the daily management of a company, offering a multidisciplinary specialist consultants.

    Additionally, has agreements with other professionals in complementary materials such as notaries, experts, computer experts, temporary agencies, financial advisors, attorneys, agents for Patents and Trademarks, and so on.

    A constant investment in innovation, a great professional team and work as a pioneer in managing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have made Arrabe Asesores family of leading SMEs in the Community of Madrid.

    After almost 50 years, Arrabe Asesores is addressing a new stage of growth, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Soon will launch new services, will expand its offices within the region and establish new partnerships to increase its international presence.

    About Arrabe Asesores S.A.

    The pillars that support the growth of Arrabe Asesores are:

    • Offer excellent services, within the greater ethical requirement and providing cost effective solutions to each client.
    • Global advisory: Basically, Accounting, Tax, Legal, Legal and Labor also cover all activities related to Social Security, Local Government and advice on Insurance, Business Startup, registered office, etc..
    • Constant investment in innovation: renewing processes to increase productivity by improving the provision of hardware and customized software applications, creating a web 2.0 and an extranet for its customers area (Arranet), an iPhone app, updating its corporate image and brand positioning, etc. .
    • Careful selection of human capital: hiring the best people and providing continuous training to update their knowledge. Thus, advisers and lawyers are highly qualified team able to provide appropriate responses to customers.
    • International Network: Arrabe already offers coverage in the U.S., Brazil, Portugal and Angola, and is finalizing agreements with other consulting firms to add new countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia.
    • RSC (Corporate Social Responsibility) has pioneered facilitating Arrabe their employees reconcile work and family life (with the EFR-Business Certified Family Responsible) acts according to the principles and conduct of the ethical code of the Spanish Association of Financial Advisors and Tax , conducts an environmental management with awards such as the Social Seal of the City of Exeter, among others.

    About TIAG

    TIAG covers 109 firms from 64 countries-nearly 3,000 professionals, who share common codes to serve customers around the world overcome the most demanding quality standards. Just another Spanish company has successfully integrated into TIAG, a group founded in 2003.

    The commitment of the members of TIAG is 100% dedication to customer satisfaction, a deep understanding of your business, anticipate continual awareness of their needs, long experience in the industry and customer and market responsiveness and continuous availability. The local business communities around the world recognize TIAG members as leaders in their field.

    This international recognition is a good example of the dedication of Arraba ADVISERS to become trusted advisors, helping customers prosper through the profitable growth of their business.

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  • Unemployment continues as the first issue of the SpanishUnemployment continues as the first issue of the Spanish

    The Opinion Barometer Sociological Research Centre (CIS) for the month of October accentuates the economic gloom of the Spanish and, while unemployment and economic hardship continues to lead the list of problems the country, stands the concern for health and education following the announcements of cuts in social spending and lowers caused by terrorism.

    The poll released Wednesday, is based on 2472 personal interviews conducted in 238 municipalities in Spain between 1 and 9 October, just start the general election primary campaign. Its margin of error is plus / minus two points.

    When asked about the economic situation, 86 percent do not hesitate to call it "bad" or "very bad", a percentage that has so far reached 81 percent. Only 1.4 percent considered 'good' and nobody sees 'very good'. It was the worst stage of diagnosis of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero as Prime Minister.


    In addition, 61.3 percent considered worse than a year ago and one third of respondents believe that even within a year will be even worse.

    Of course, by asking the respondent for his personal financial situation, the diagnosis varies with almost a quarter said boasting a 'good' or 'very good', a similar percentage to those who say go for a while 'bad' or 'very bad '.

    As the political situation, or 73.6 percent of the Spanish judges 'bad' or 'very poor', 37.9 percent believe it is worse than a year ago and one in four respondents said that 2012 will be even worse.

    Regarding the country's main problems are repeated three that come to lead the board in recent months: unemployment (mentioned in 81 percent of the surveys), economic problems (51.3 percent) and politicians (23.6 percent).

    Fear of social cuts

    From there, it is noteworthy the presence of two issues a year just mentioned: health, with 7.8 percent rises to fifth place, behind immigration and education, with 6 , 2 percent appears in seventh place, behind the insecurity.

    Both issues are settled between the country's main problems coinciding with the news in September and October have been published on social cuts in different communities.

    On the contrary, terrorism, a few years ago was considered the first problem of the country, and back down and is only cited in 3.3 percent of the questionnaires, its lowest level. The survey precedes the announcement of ETA abandon their armed.

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  • Employers are bracing for a recession in the first half of 2012Employers are bracing for a recession in the first half of 2012

    While the Eurozone pseudolíderes subscribe to austerity, structural reforms and recapitalize the banks, the European economies, including France and Germany, moving into a new recession, in the case of Spain is given for security and for the first half 2012.

    This is what the macroeconomic announce the CEOE,that estimate and a zero growth and -0.1% in the Spanish economy for the last quarter of this year, to spend at rates decidedly negative in the first two quarters of next year.

    With this information the Committee on Economy of CEOE is aligned with most analysts left on the 0.7% growth of the Spanish economy in 2011, and also shares the view that Spain did not meet the goal of reducing deficit to 6% of GDP at the end of the fiscal year.

    For employers the budget deficit this year will be placed around 6.7% of GDP, although this does not alarm or employers or the government because "Brussels has said it will accept this division, provided they do not reach the 7%".

    The causes of this deviation is attributed to the Social Security budget to exceed the target set in the middle period, and especially in the regions in which the deviation is between 1 and 2%.

    The entry of Spain into recession will imply a rise in unemployment that those responsible for the employer exceed estimated five million people, while the unemployment rate will rise to 22% of the workforce in the next February. As positive notes CEOE forecasts expect a reduction in the inflation rate is projected to be 2.5% at the end of this year and 2% in 2012, which also provide a slight recovery starts from summer, once the uncertainties on the euro.

    In line with the CEOE, the insurer Euler Hermes, world leader in credit insurance, to leave in only 0.7 percent growth of the Spanish economy in 2011 to rise slightly to a modest 1 percent in 2012.

    less growth

    In an economic slowdown for the next 18 months, Euler Hermes has lowered its forecast for global economic growth to 3% in 2011, 0.3% lower than the June forecast and 3.2% for 2012, 4 percent less than four months ago.

    Also be rolled back global trade growth rates return to 7% in 2011 and 2012, half the 14% achieved in 2010.

    The insurer stands as the recovery "loses force" in the euro area and U.S., areas for which forecasts growth of 1.6% for 2011, although the U.S. economy will take off up to 2% in 2012.

    In the case of Europe, explains that some leading indicators appear vulnerable to doubts about the decisions to be out of the double crisis, the banks and the debt, which "increases the possibility of a more degraded for next year".

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  • The Spanish call for an average cut of 21.7% when buying a homeThe Spanish call for an average cut of 21.7% when buying a home

    Home buyers submitted bids in September for homes for sale with an average cut of 21.7% over the asking price by sellers, says the new tool that analyzes the bids submitted.

    By provinces, the greater distance between buyers and sellers located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where buyers require, on average, a discount of nearly a third of the asking price by sellers (28.7%). Then lie Lleida (27.5%), Castellon (27.1%) and Girona (26.8%).

    The province in which buyers and sellers are closer in price is Melilla, where the average discount offered is 17% below the financial claims of the vendors. Alava followed (18.9%), Gipuzkoa (19.3%) and Seville (19.7%). For capital, the biggest discount is requested in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (26.7%), ahead of Cáceres (26.6%). Instead, buyers and sellers closer their claims in Ciudad Real (14%) and Orense (16.6%).

    The season sales conditions

    The study confirms the seasonality of the sales process , since in January the buyers made ??bids for 31 701 homes for sale in, While in September after the summer, the offerings amounted to 29 344 bids. The month was June with less activity, with 23,320 bids.

    Madrid tops the list of provinces where demand is more active, after reaching the 156 per 1,000 housing deals announced. Zaragoza is located below, with 112 deals, followed Melilla (97), Alava (84) and Barcelona (76).

    Thus, sites with less demand on the number of dwellings advertised are second hand Orense (15 bids for each announced 1,000 homes) and Zamora (18 bids for each announced 1,000 homes).

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