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Newsletter No. 22 - November 2011

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Details Newsletter No. 22 - November 2011

  • Arrabe Asesores businesses and the self leads to an alert service on mobile taxArrabe Asesores businesses and the self leads to an alert service on mobile tax

    The company Arrabe Asesores, specializing in Accounting, Tax, Legal and Labor strengthens its commitment to innovation by designing a new application for iPhone, iPad tablets and smartphones with Android

    The company Arrabe Asesores, specializing in Accounting, Tax, Legal and Labor strengthens its commitment to innovation by designing a new application for iPhone, iPad tablets and smartphones with Android, which can be downloaded for free for any user and integrates with the company's website to provide information and benefits in real time. Similar is the first application made ??by an SME business advisory sector.

    The web of Arrabe Asesores offers the possibility of organizing through an RSS reader, the content of news and events. Thus, users will receive alerts from the application of tax appointments for businesses and other legal obligations related topics Arrabe areas of expertise, information concerning the company and industry news, tips, etc..

    In addition, among other features, the application allows access to a map of the four Arrabe Asesores has offices in the Community of Madrid, to the website of the company and seek advice online. These services are free and open to all users.

    With respect to more than 1,200 customers Arrabe Asesores, the application allows them to access on your smartphone to Arranet, extranet, designed by the company and operates as a virtual office is open 365 days a year, 24 hours, from anywhere in the world through Internet.

    Arranet is a safe point and specific to each client that allows access to salient information of your business and stay abreast of the latest developments.

    Arrabe Asesores has selected the company will customize Solusoft to this application for iPhone, iPhone and Android, the first that integrates Distineo, online content management system which was created Arrabe website.

    This free application is now available on both the Mac App Store and in the Android Market. Requires IOS 4.2 / Android 2.1 or higher and its size is 0.6 MB.

    The rise of smartphones

    The spread of smartphones is being unstoppable, which is allowing users to access a huge number of applications, both for businesses and individuals.

    Between April and June 2011 were sold 42.2 million phones in Europe, of which 21.8 million were smartphones. Moreover, while smartphone sales have increased 48% between the second quarter of 2010 and the second quarter of 2011, those phones have dropped 29% in the same periods.

    In Spain, four out of ten phones are smartphones and, according to Nielsen and the trend suggests that this type of terminal completely replace the traditional mobile if it maintains the current sales rate: 67.8% in April 2011 (37 , 7 in 2010), compared to 32.2% of traditional mobile (64.3% in 2010).

    "The growth of smart phones is unstoppable and Asesores Arrabe not want to miss the opportunities that new technologies, and mobility in particular, provide us to improve the service we provide to our customers and offer a total availability wherever located and may need, "explains Miguel Ángel Ferrer, general managing partner of the company. "This application for smartphones and tablets also allows us to reach a wider audience and specialized," says Ferrer.

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  • Important developments for the year-end 2011 on 347 and 340 modelsImportant developments for the year-end 2011 on 347 and 340 models

    Modification of deadlines for submission of 347

    The Government makes surprise Moncloa introducing a substantial change in the legal business. Thus the Council of Ministers approved on Friday the Royal Decree introduced the rule. He argues that the review is conducted "to clarify the content of the model 347 and improvements in the information provided."

    Several business organizations have criticized the "excessive administrative burden" for SMEs and micro enterprises and the "abuse tax collection" from the Tax Office, which has been accused of having "controlling anxiety".

    For groups of advisers, forward to February's declaration of VAT model 347 (annual statement of transactions with third parties) a month on what was customary, in addition to requiring information relating to transactions with each customer or vendor broken down by quarters are provided is an excess burden, especially for pequeñasempresas, and control over information.

    With this new requirement firms and tax advisors should spend more time on formal obligations. The popular 347 is the high time required to accomplish due to the extra review of all accounts involved in your presentation.

    Extension to the entry into force of the Model 340

    The Government, on the other hand, has been postponed to 2014 the spread of the obligation to file an information return with the information contained in the books-registration under the VAT legislation (model 340).

    This is to avoid, here itself, increased the obligations to meet, mainly by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) "in a special time of economic difficulties," the statement verbatim.

    Among the changes introduced by the law passed on Friday also highlights the specific regulation of so-called "free days" which allow companies to indicate a maximum of 30 days during each year in which the Treasury will not be notifications in your email address.

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  • The government approves the Royal Decree that regulates the employment of the special nature of domestic servantsThe government approves the Royal Decree that regulates the employment of the special nature of domestic servants

    The Council of Ministers has approved a proposal of the Minister of Labour and Immigration, Valeriano Gómez, the Royal Decree that regulates the employment of the special nature of domestic servants.

    This working relationship is based on two very characteristic, such as the area where the activity is provided (the family home) and personal relationship based on a special relationship of trust between the owner of the family home and household employees.

    The regulation of this particular employment relationship goes back 25 years, so we recommend a thorough review of the rules relating to renovate and modernize the employment relationship and closer as possible to the rights of other workers.

    The decree is part of an ambitious process of updating regulations affecting domestic workers. In this regard, Law 27/2011, of August 1, on updating, adaptation and modernization of the Social Security system proceeds to integrate the Special Scheme for Domestic Workers in the general scheme, as envisaged in the Social Agreement economic signed by government, unions and employers, and enables the Government to amend, in accordance with this integration, regulation of employment of the special nature of domestic servants.

    This Royal Decree is undertaken a substantial renovation of the employment relationship to lead to better working conditions for people working in the sector, making progress on making work of this group, you really need an effective recognition and greater appreciation of work to provide families and society as a whole.

    It is also a balanced proposal that builds on the balance of interests of the parties to the employment relationship. Similarly, should help regularize undeclared employment situations that exist in this area, putting an end to situations of vulnerability and social work.

    This new regulation will apply from January 1, 2012.


    The most significant developments contemplated by this Royal Decree are:

    • Access to employment in the family home will be made by direct recruitment or through public service employment or recruitment agencies duly authorized, with full guarantee of non-discrimination (on grounds of sex, racial or ethnic origin, age) .
    • Better information on the labor rights of workers and employees, because the contract will be formalized in writing, compared to the current regulation that allows a verbal contract.
    • Increased job security and less job security.
    • Is guaranteed a minimum cash payment of the minimum wage calculated annually, below which shall not be possible to make any deduction from wages in kind support or accommodation. Where there is payment in kind does not exceed 30% of salary perceptions.
    • The worker or employee is entitled to two extra payments a year, so as to ensure the perception of SMI calculated annually.
    • Extension of the duration of rest between rounds.
    • Better regulation time presence, in which the worker is available to the employer without providing actual work.
    • It remains a cause of termination of the contract cancellation by the employer, but is to be communicated explicitly. In new contracts, expands from 7 to 12 days salary per year of compensation to which the worker is entitled in this case.
    • It provides mechanisms for assistance and cooperation from the Administration to assist employers to comply with the obligations.
    • It is noted for the first time the possibility of future persons in the service of the household can access a system of unemployment protection. During 2012 a group of experts will examine this issue and make proposals to take the appropriate decision in 2013.

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  • The Tax Office will investigate local 'no activity' but with high power consumptionThe Tax Office will investigate local 'no activity' but with high power consumption

    Empty premises

    The Tax Office has launched an operation against the underground economy will mean a visit of inspection to 7,000 local tax, while not registered as businesses, have a suspiciously high power consumption

    Is the first time that the Treasury uses the consumption data refer them utilities.

    The CEO of the Inland Revenue, Jose Maria Meseguer announced the launch of this plan from the information of power consumption and enabling local inspection probably harboring undeclared economic activities. The operation will end in February.

    Meseguer said the energy consumption data also serve to initiate a round of inspections in homes. The main objective in this case, it will find that rental income is not taxed by itself and prevent taxpayers from using a second residence for the deduction for residence.

    The plan to combat fraud will enter this year's 10,000 million, up 1% of GDP. Represents a figure similar to that recorded in the previous year. In addition, this exercise will conclude with some 1,000 alleged tax offenses. It also highlights that the average tax debt per taxpayer discovered amounts to 250,000 euros. With this data, Meseguer tried to refute the idea that the Treasury only dares to small taxpayers. "It's a shame not to reveal the names to show that not true," he said.

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  • Compensation for fiscal 2011, certain municipal fees associated with the onset of professional or business activitiesCompensation for fiscal 2011, certain municipal fees associated with the onset of professional or business activities

    Presentation applications: until 31/12/2011.

    Purpose: To regulate the content and procedure of compensation for fiscal year 2011 of certain municipal fees are payable to natural persons engaged in economic activities and companies of small size because of the provision of services or administrative activities related to beginning of their professional or business activities in the area of ??Madrid to promote the momentum of economic activity and job creation.

    Beneficiaries: Individuals and small size companies to start a business or professional activity. The requirement of small size company must comply not only at the time of the grant request, but throughout 2011.

    Beginning of activity: activity is considered the beginning of the presentation date after 01/01/2011, in the AEAT, census declaration of the corresponding high (models 036 or 037).

    Eligibility period:

    1. May receive the tax offset those subjects who made ??the payment of municipal taxes from on 01-01-2011 and 12.31.2011 inclusive.

    2. The payment of municipal taxes in this period should be directly related to the onset of professional or business activities declared to the Tax Agency.

    Eligible rates: Costs incurred due to the payment of local rates, set by the municipalities of the Community of Madrid, provided that such payment is necessary to allow interested parties to begin their professional or business activities. In particular, the eligibility of installment payments of the fees established by local authorities on the following assumptions:

    • Article 20 paragraph 3 of the Consolidated Local Finance Law Regulating
    • Occupation of the subsoil of local public land.
    • Occupation of land for public use local goods, construction materials, debris, fences, pillars, donkey, scaffolding and other similar facilities.
    • Driveways across sidewalks and road reserves for exclusive parking, stop vehicles, loading and unloading of goods of any kind.
    • Install railings floors, skylights, vents, entrance doors, charging holes or the like holding the ground or subsoil of all kinds of local roads, to lighting, ventilation, access entry of persons or goods to basements or basements.
    • Occupation of the flight of all kinds of local public roads closed building elements, terraces, balconies, balconies, awnings, canopies, windscreens and other similar facilities, cantilevered over the street or protruding front line.
    • Occupation of local public land with tables, chairs, stands, tables and other components, for financial gain.
    • Installation of kiosks in the street.
    • Installation of posts, barracks, houses for sale, shows, attractions or recreation, located on public land and local industries and hawkers and street shooting film.
    • Doorways, windows and cabinets.
    • Deposits and distributors of fuel and equipment, in general, of any article or commodity, local public land.
    • Installation of advertisements occupying local public lands.
    • Article 20, paragraph 4 of the Consolidated Local Finance Regulatory Law
    • Documents issued or they understand the administrations or local authorities at the request of a party.
    • Authorization to use plates, patents and other similar distinctive coat of the local authority.
    • Granting of licensing or administrative autotaxis and other vehicles for hire.
    • Special surveillance facilities on request.
    • Granting of planning permission required under the law of the land and urban planning.
    • Granting of licenses to open businesses.
    • Inspection of vehicles, boilers, motors, transformers, elevators, hoists and other equipment and similar facilities for industrial and commercial establishments.
    • Preventive health services, disinfection, fumigation, pest control and destruction of any kind of materials and pollutants or germs propagators of public health provided at home or on request.
    • Service slaughterhouse, auctions and markets, as well as carrying meat if it were to be used in a mandatory, and inspection services in respect of supplies, including the use of weighing and measuring means.
    • Use of columns, posters and other similar local facilities for the display of advertisements.

    In daily accrual rates only subsidize the payment of the fee rate for the period of start-ups.

    Sub-Annex II of the Agreement sets out a list of fees that may be of assistance in each municipality.

    Amount: The amount to 100% of the shares of the fees paid by the beneficiaries, either by the reverse-charge or liquidation, but in no case may exceed what would be payable in accordance with the rates rate in force in the various municipalities to 01/01/2011.

    Agreement Governing Council March 11, 2010

    The support requested under the Agreement Governing Council 11-03-2010, laying down the procedure for tax compensation of certain municipal taxes that are required for natural persons carrying out economic activities and companies of small size by reason for the provision of services or administrative activities related to the start of their professional or business activities that are held by the Administration and have not been resolved 12.31.10, may be awarded in the year 2011, with budget appropriations under this Agreement, although the rules applicable to them will be contained in the Agreement.

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