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Newsletter No. 23 - December 2011

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Details Newsletter No. 23 - December 2011

  • The Government considers tax on severance pay income taxThe Government considers tax on severance pay income tax

    The procurement reform, specifically the cost of dismissal is one of the major obstacles that are blocking the agreement of stakeholders on the reform of the labor market. So, regardless of the negotiations between employers and unions, the Government is considering taxing the personal income tax return severance payments, which are now exempt from taxation.

    According to the project in which the Executive works Mariano Rajoy, the obligation to declare the income tax would be applied to wings with pay compensation of 45 days per year worked, but leaving first 20 days free. In this way, workers could elect to receive a compensation of 20 days per year without paying tax or taxed at 45 days Income Tax of Individuals to the maximum rate.

    The Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero abolished in January 2010 the tax for the layoffs that occurred as a result of a Record of Employment Regulation (ERE) to end the discrimination between workers ceased their employment through this mechanism and they did individually, for unfair dismissal, they were exempt from the compensation received in state income tax.

    The proposal that the Government is now studying affect equally all the firings, whether individual or through ERE, received compensation of 45 days per year worked and the tax would apply on the 25 days that exceed the legal compensation of 20 days applicable to dismissals for objective reasons from.

    Media close to the popular Executive's economic team is considered that this proposal would help to discourage the payment of compensation of 45 days or more and increase tax revenues, especially in the case of compensation of officers and salaries high.

    Meanwhile, social workers keep their agenda in the face negotiations to reach agreement on labor reform as broad as possible before the 15th of January.

    A negotiation in which there is already a tentative agreement on arbitration to avoid the ultra-activity of the agreements, mutual and absenteeism, training and transfer of public holidays, but in which there is still disagreement on the generalization of the permanent contract with 20 days compensation per year of service and a maximum of twelve months. CCOO and UGT contract that would be willing to accept only for new hires and not retroactively. In this regard, the CEOE has put on the table a mixed formula, by which existing contracts would apply to a compensation of 45 days per year in current terms, but only by computing the time elapsed between the date of contract and entry into force of new regulations.

    Since then and during the time leading up to contract termination pay will apply for 20 days.

    The formula of the employer has not been well received by the unions, so CEOE study now propose a generalization of a contract with 33 days of compensation.

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  • New alert service tax on mobileNew alert service tax on mobile

    Arrabe Asesores has designed a new application for iPhone, iPad tablets and smartphones with Android system that enables companies and freelancers receive alerts appointments to fill tax and legal obligations. This service is a pioneer in the market by being the first similar application made ??by an SME business advisory sector.

    Arrabe Asesores the web offers the possibility to organize, through an RSS reader, the content of news and events. Thus, users will receive alerts from the application of tax appointments for businesses and other legal obligations related topics Arrabe areas of expertise. In addition, online counseling may apply in different areas of expertise and find information, news and advice related to business and industry that can be downloaded for free for any user and integrates with the company's website, to offer information and benefits in real time.

    Regarding Arrabe customers Asesores, the application allows them to access on your smartphone to Arranet, extranet, designed by the company and operates as a virtual office is open 365 days a year, 24 hours, from anywhere the world through Internet. Arranet is a safe point and specific to each client that allows access to salient information of your business and stay abreast of the latest developments.

    We encourage you to Unload this new application that you will provide information of interest to your company:

    Dowunload Android
    Download iPhone

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  • Launch of the 2012 ICOLaunch of the 2012 ICO

    Meet all conditions of the ICO financing programs for the year now beginning.

    It is available on the ICO website conditions and characteristics of the different lines of Mediation for the year 2012. For the distribution of these lines, the Institute of Official Credit, as in previous years, with the collaboration of banks and savings banks that handle the processing, review and approval of operations.

    Thus, those freelancers and entrepreneurs who are interested in applying for a loan through one of the lines analyzed below, you must process your application for funding in one of the collaborating institutions. Asesores Arrabe puts at your disposal the possibility of making, study and prepare all necessary documentation and support our customers in time to face negotiation with such entities and design the financial structure that best suits the needs of the activity developed by the company.

    The catalog of 2012 lines, consisting of products already known to you all as the ICO-Liquidity or ICO-International and new products like the ICO-Business Development, is designed with the aim of offering a comprehensive solution to the needs of autonomous financing of companies:

    ICO Investment

    To expedite the processing of applications for financing investment projects for 2012 presents a unique program which includes Sustainable Investment Lines and operational investments in 2011.

    They can apply for funding through this online self, businesses and private and public entities for the acquisition of productive assets. As in previous editions, you can finance the purchase of second hand assets and vans up to 30,000 euros. It also can finance the acquisitions.

    With the 2012 ICO Investment can be financed up to 100% of the investment project (including VAT). The maximum loan is 10 million euros.


    This year the Institute is launching the international line to support the departure of Spanish companies abroad.

    The ICO-International is aimed at self-employed, companies and public and private Spanish (including those based in Spain and abroad, provided they have the most social capital Spanish). Through this line can finance investment in productive fixed assets, the acquisition of shares in foreign companies and start-ups abroad. In the latter case, entrepreneurship abroad, is permitted, provided financing assets that are linked to investment, taking into account that in no case exceed 20% of the total overall project.

    The maximum amount that can be ordered through this line is 10 million with a repayment period of up to twelve years

    ICO-Business Development

    This program is one of the new elements in the portfolio of products designed by the ICO in 2012. The objective of this line is to fund companies in two different growth stages, so it is divided into two sections, one for the new one called empresay capitalization to support the consolidation and growth of companies through making capital.

    New Enterprise Tranche represents a new commitment to self and the new company, thereby encouraging investment and job creation. They can apply for funding through this program, autonomous professionals and companies with less than five years old.

    The maximum amount of loans that can be ordered through this line is one million euros to be returned within 7 years.

    Through this line can finance productive assets, assets of second-hand cars up to 30,000 euros.

    For its part, the Section Capitalization is conceived in order to bet on the consolidation and growth of the company by making capital. Thus, through this mode you can finance the expansion of social capital. The maximum amount that can be requested through this form is 10 million with a repayment period of up to 7 years.

    2012 ICO-Liquidity

    The ICO-Liquidity, aimed at self-employed, companies and public and private, can apply for funding for a further year to cover working capital needs. The maximum amount of funding through this line is 10 million with a repayment period of up to 7 years.

    ICO-2012 Housing

    This year the housing program aimed at two objectives, firstly to promote the rental market in Spain through mode "housing stock" and the other to promote the rehabilitation of homes and buildings through mode "Rehabilitation of housing ".

    May apply for funding through the "housing stock" those self-employed, businesses and public and private entities and tax established in Spain, owners of investment real estate and car companies. The purpose of the financing will be completed for homes in Spain to rent with or without option to buy, considering homes that have completed the license of first occupation to December 31, 2012. The maximum loan amount is 10 million euros.

    Private landowners and communities may apply for funding for the rehabilitation of homes and buildings through the modality of "Rehabilitation of housing." The maximum loan amount is 10 million, repayable over a period of between 3 and 20 years.

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  • Arrabe Asesores EFR seal renewed after the audit carried out by AENORArrabe Asesores EFR seal renewed after the audit carried out by AENOR

    Our company has just obtained the renewal of EFR seal after the audit carried out by AENOR. It's a great honor for us to not only get one of the highest scores among SMEs who have this label, but see how this effort allows our company to occupy a privileged position and relevant in a highly competitive market such as the Advisory Business

    Arrabe Asesores has received a renewal of EFR seal after the audit carried out by AENOR. To address Arrabe is a source of satisfaction to see how the package formally started 4 years ago with the acquisition of that stamp, year after year is consolidating the company as a true benchmark in the field of Business Consultancy.

    This sector is still characterized by having extremely challenging times for the low levels of professional qualifications and low-tech companies that comprise it.

    Today Arrabe Asesores stands out as a leading firm, not just in the professionalism and level of advice to their clients, backed by customer satisfaction surveys conducted over the past two months, and where we have overcome the exceptional tests with scores, but also by the high level of Corporate Social Responsibility which is driven from the direction of the company.

    Have specific training plans for each professional staff, have the information technology and modern tools, have powerful tools Extranet, together with an extensive list of measures to reconcile family and working life (, makes us able to say, there is another way of advising companies, efficiently, with respect for people and especially with a high level of commitment to the society of which we are part.

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  • Citizens can pay their debts to the Social Security over the InternetCitizens can pay their debts to the Social Security over the Internet

    Citizens to keep track debt instruments (not paid within the statutory period) with Social Security can pay by credit card over the Internet, from 2012

    This option includes a VISA, MASTERCARD and RED 6000, in their patterns of credit and debit card.

    This is a novelty in eGovernment, improvement implemented by the General Treasury of Social Security (TGSS) in collaboration with the contractor bank, BBVA, which will allow individuals and companies to pay debts that have become the way of enforcement. The operation may be performed from home and without paying commissions. This payment is in addition to those already existing for this type of debt, transfer, cash collectors of BBVA and cash in bank branches.

    The TGSS has developed in recent months this online payment system, with the objective of providing citizens fulfilling their obligations to the Social Security Administration. This new commitment to technology is on the line undertaken in recent years to transform management processes and citizen services, adapt to changing times and to progressively greater use of technological means.

    Social Security supports the use of e-Government and in this sense, has provided employers with a system to handle the ups and downs of workers through the electronic submission of documents (RED). The RED system also enables companies to meet their obligations regarding contributions through so-called methods of payment, debit and electronic payment.

    The RED system has evolved in the project Cret @ (Revenue Control at the working level), which allows the TGSS billing fees to companies offering the same amount to pay, and thus avoiding possible errors by of these, with the consequent generation of debt.

    The Electronic Bulletin Board

    In addition, Social Security has launched in recent months, the Electronic Bulletin Board and Announcements Edicts and Telematic Notifications.

    The Electronic Bulletin Board, only for the entire Social Security Administration and freely accessible around the clock through the Electronic Office Social Security is easy to use by location by a search and allows citizens to know those acts administrative published in the same query through the website of the Social Security.

    Telematic notifications, already since May 2011 with a voluntary subscription service that can be accessed through the Electronic Office Social Security.

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