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Newsletter No. 28 - May 2012

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Details Newsletter No. 28 - May 2012

  • The app The app "Arrabe Asesores", chosen as one of the 100 best business ideas of 2011

    Madrid, May 25, 2012.– The app “Arrabe Asesores” has been chosen as one of the 100 best business ideas of 2011, an award that recognizes the most innovative projects to large companies and SMEs conducted during the last year and posed a "X" of innovation in Spain.

    • The application enables companies and freelancers receive alerts appointments to fill tax and legal obligations, seek advice on line in different areas of expertise and consultation information, news and advice related to business and industry.
    • It has been recognized as one of the 100 best business ideas of 2011 by the Economic News magazine, along with initiatives from companies like Zeltia, IBM, Repsol, Indra, Mapfre or Fenosa Gas, among others.
    • Access and download are free to anyone with iPhone and Android mobile phone or tablets.
    • Arrabe Asesores continues to strengthen its commitment to innovation and becomes the first business advisory firm that creates a mobile tool like this.

    The application has been developed by the company Arrabe Asesores, consultancy specializing in Accounting, Tax, Legal and Labor. Arrabe reinforces its commitment to innovation with this app for iPhone, iPhone and smartphones with Android tablets, which can be downloaded for free by anyone and that integrates with the company's website to provide information and utilities in real time. This is the first such application made ??by an SME business advisory sector.

    The awards, given annually by the journal Current Economic initiatives have also distinguished Zeltia companies like IBM, Repsol, Indra, Mapfre or Fenosa Gas, among others.

    The Web Arrabe Asesores ( offers the possibility of organizing through an RSS reader, the content of news and events. Thus, application users receive alerts appointments taxes for businesses and other legal obligations related topics Arrabe areas of expertise, information concerning the company and industry news, tips, etc..

    Furthermore, other utilities, the application can seek advice on line.

    As for the more than 1,200 customers Arrabe Asesores, the application allows them to access on your smartphone to Arranet, extranet, designed by the company and operates as a virtual office open 365 days a year, 24 hours, from any around the world via the Internet.

    The app

    Arranet is a safe and specific for each client that allows access to the most outstanding of the company and keep abreast of the latest.

    Arrabe Asesores has selected the company that Solusoft to customize this application for iPhone, iPhone and Android, the first that integrates Distineo, online content manager with which you created the Web Arrabe.

    This free application is now available in both the Mac App Store as in the Android Market. Requires IOS 4.2 / Android 2.1 or higher and its size is 0.6 MB.

    "The growth of smart phones is unstoppable and Arrabe Asesores not want to miss the opportunities that new technologies, and mobility in particular, provide us to improve the service we provide to our customers and to offer a total availability wherever they are and may need us, "explainsMiguel Ángel Ferrer, partner and CEO of the company. "This application for smartphones and tablets also allows us to reach a wider audience and specialized," says Ferrer.

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  • Family members of self-employed contributors will enjoy a 50% reduction in Social Security paymentsFamily members of self-employed contributors will enjoy a 50% reduction in Social Security payments

    The Minister for Employment and Social Security, Fatima Bañez, today announced that the family of self-employed partners who are registered in the Special Social Security (RETA) will enjoy a discount of 50% share during the 18 first few months.

    The Minister for Employment and Social Security, Fatima Bañez, announced today at the opening of a business incubator in the city of Móstoles (Madrid), the family of self-employed partners who are registered in the Special Scheme Social Security (RETA) will enjoy a discount of 50% share during the first 18 months. So specified, he said, one of the amendments incorporated into the draft Law on labor reform during the passage through Congress of Deputies.

    Thus, to benefit the spouse or partner and self-employed family members by consanguinity or affinity to the second degree, joining as new entrants to the Special Regime of Social Security for Self-Employed (RETA) and assist in the performing work on the activity in question.

    Fatima Bañez stressed that this measure reinforces the commitment that the Government has made ??to support the self-employed and small and medium enterprises, today, up over 95% of the production of Spain and which are, as stated by the Minister for Employment and Social Security, "the main lever of change we have to overcome the crisis and come back when before the path of economic growth and job creation."

    In addition, the amendment introduced by a reform in the design of the job training so that, for the first time, taking into account specifically the needs of independent professionals and the social economy through its partnerships representative.


    The labor reform also includes other measures to promote entrepreneurship and support the self-employed most notably the possibility that the man of 30 years and women up to 35 can capitalize up to 100% of your benefit unemployment when they want to start an activity as self-employed.

    Also within the package of measures to encourage self-employment, Banez said that Fatima is preparing a reduction of up to 50% on the price of the self that are discharged simultaneously in the General Social Security and the Special Scheme for Self-Employed (RETA) and will be included in a future Law in Support of Autonomous and Entrepreneurs.

    By this measure to reduce the autonomous quotas are in a situation of pluriactivity will benefit more than 115,000 self-employed professionals and business and encourage new entrants under the Special Scheme.


    The Minister for Employment and Social Security, Fatima Banez, also said that since the government of Spain "we have placed for entrepreneurs and independent professionals and entrepreneurs in our road map and, in a very unfavorable context, we begin to perceive the first symptoms of confidence. "

    He recalled that in the first quarter of 2012 and according to the EPA has registered an increase of 46,300 self-employed, an increase that has been accompanied and supported by the absolute increase in the number of contributors in the Special Social Security in the months of February, March and April. "Some data although it must be taken with caution, they break with the long trend of destruction of self-employment in our country and contrasts with the nearly 590,000 employed persons who disappeared during the last 4 years."

    In this context he said that the ministry has already launched very specific measures to support "more than three million self-employed" people in Spain, of which emphasized the development of budgets that include a budget over 940 million euros to stimulate entrepreneurship and develop the self-employed activity. This figure "implies an increase of 12% over the 2011 budget, despite the context of major restrictions on where we are, and will benefit over 400,000 people," she said.

    Similarly, the minister recalled that last week the Government created a new line of Official Credit Institute (ICO) for export equipped with 500 million and intended to promote the liquidity of SMEs and freelancers, and adopted the so-called express license , "that will allow opening and mediate small shops and businesses in our country with a simple statement of responsibility, eliminating red tape and the need for ALS, which will facilitate entrepreneurial activity."

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  • No peace for tax evaders ...No peace for tax evaders ...

    Evaders may regularize their "hidden assets" in exchange for pay 10% on income not declared by the income tax, corporation tax and income tax non-residents. It also has set a tax of 8% for dividends and foreign source income derived from the transfer of securities representing the equity of entities not resident in Spanish territory, subject to repatriate before December 31, 2012.

    The latest government measures aimed at reducing the public deficit (Royal Decree-Law 12/2012 of 30 March) have had a rather controversial issue: the Tax Amnesty.

    Evaders may regularize their "hidden assets" in exchange for pay 10% on income not declared by the income tax, corporation tax and income tax non-residents. It also has set a tax of 8% for dividends and foreign source income derived from the transfer of securities representing the equity of entities not resident in Spanish territory, subject to repatriate before December 31, 2012.

    The amount of adjustment in both cases will be exempt from interest charges and, of course, punishment. Nor will there be risk of a tax offense process. The funds will be "tax blessing" of the Administration, it is not enough, though the wording of Decree is unclear at this point.

    To avoid misunderstanding, one that has already been quoted by the Administration to start testing procedures or research aimed at the determination of tax liabilities will not be covered by this "forgiveness". Now, if the adjustment has been made, would apply the absolute excuse.

    This is an exceptional measure by the urge to generate income, as estimated by the Executive, this initiative will be brought out at least 25,000 million not previously listed on Spain, which will place the State at least 2,500 million euros, according to this estimate.

    Of course, benefit from this amnesty those who have been defrauding the treasury. Meanwhile, many companies and individuals who have fulfilled their obligations think rightly, that "there should be no peace for the wicked", to paraphrase the movie that swept the Goya Awards last film. Otherwise, you are encouraged to continue committing crimes fraudsters.

    The measure is aimed at some of the great fortunes and some large companies, not to ordinary mortals. But make no mistake, is one of the few ways to "seduce" those huge capital and make return to Spain. Moreover, the government forecast seems calculatedly low considering, for example, the recent scandals found on Spanish capital flight to Switzerland or Liechtenstein. Recall that the tax detected only in the HSBC Swiss, 3,000 Spanish accounts that concealed about 10,000 euros. How much "money irregular" no other country accounts and other accounts of other nations?

    Still, I think we are far from the case of Greece. His Secretary of State for Finance, Dimitris Kouselas estimated that Greek citizens have 280,000 million in Swiss accounts, an amount that exceeds the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the country.

    The problem, in our case, is that many of the owners of these "hidden assets" have the advice of large firms and are well aware that the time limits prescribed offenses, which detract from the effectiveness of the Tax Amnesty.

    In addition, Amnesty has generated almost more questions than answers, so that fraudsters take to sing the "I confess." The Executive refers to it briefly in the Royal Decree-Law, leaving the first for further development. Therefore, until the Treasury does not make public the "small print" of the matter is very likely that none or few benefiting from this measure.

    In any case, the deadline to qualify for this "pardon" ends Nov. 30. From there, we must understand that the Administration will implement all the agreements on double taxation and reporting arrangements that have been signed in recent years with areas such as Andorra, Panama, West Indies or Singapore, and more importantly, harden the system of penalties for undeclared money.

    The Spanish government has to enable the best means to combat fraud bags. That's much more effective than AI, establishing exemplary fines that can work to actually create a civic conscience.

    If provided with the means necessary for the inspection, the tax could slow both tax evasion and the problem of the underground economy, which remains in Spain around 20% of GDP: about 200,000 million euros, according to a recent report of the CEOE. The major employers relates this with tax increases and fears that the increased tax burden to prod the economy increases. Instead, improve inspection avoid tax increases. Another recent paper from the Tax Research Institute for the European Parliament considers that the Spanish government fails to enter an estimated 73,000 million euros for the economy.

    In parallel, the European Union must step up measures to end "tax havens" and increase the fight against capital flight from the mainland.

    That is, less AI and inspection, to occur exemplary sentences. If you continue to articulate actions favoring Spain defraudares never will sink in a culture of commitment and ethics, so necessary in our country, in this and in other respects.

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  • Less tax increases and tax fraud controlLess tax increases and tax fraud control

    There is a set of actions that should be put in place immediately to bring to light nearly 20% of economy that is out of control and that amounts to a whopping 240,000 million euros, these measures should aim at generate income in taxes of no less than the 73,000 million Euros.

    We are increasingly the tax experts we claim a change in fiscal policy of our country, both the former government of Mr Zapatero, as the current Mr. Rajoy, fiscal policies remain very similar and Left alone with resolve the great problems that we under way to have one of the highest rates of shadow economy in OECD countries.

    There is a set of actions that should be put in place immediately to bring to light nearly 20% of economy that is out of control and that amounts to a whopping 240,000 million euros, these measures should aim at generate income in taxes of no less than the 73,000 million Euros. If you read that right, we are suffering the biggest budget cuts in our history and it turns out that effective methods of control could be levied and an amount of money emerge similar to the amount of tax cuts from Europe.

    Who is believed by now that we have unemployment rates reach about 25% of the workforce and in some regions of Spain are close to 35%. Without being alarmist, this should be the reason that millions of Spanish streets and take the action that we were in pre-war status if they are true. The only explanation that justifies this "social peace" is the economy. And how could end with her?, Because in large part by taking a series of measures such as I propose:

    1. - Eliminate the tax system of Objective Estimation: We know for a fact that is one of the largest sources of fraud that exist in our economy and yet, despite the last measure proposed by the current government, maintaining this tax figure, which has always been strongly criticized from Europe.

    2. - Matching effective taxation of natural persons and legal persons.

    3. - To provide material and human resources to the Inspector of Taxes, both management bodies such as the inspection taxes, are composed of great professionals, high-paying computer with the best means at their disposal in the form of access and crossing to the taxpayer information.

    4. - Creation of the Tax Police and Social Security: Units of quick and immediate intervention that would allow swiftly locate the centers of economic activity underground.

    5. - Sale of not less than 50% of the limits on the amount considered "Attorney Crime" per year and tax concept.

    6. - To impose vicarious liability figure in fiscal operations fraudulent notaries, legal and tax advisors

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  • Arrabe Asesores supports the CEN program with C Arrabe Asesores supports the CEN program with C "Stories written by children with heart"

    The CEN program with "C": Stories Written by Children with Heart is a group of people working as "Fairy Godmothers" in order to bridge the gap between s obesity storytellers and charitable causes (foundations) with which decide to collaborate.

    Arrabe Asesores, provides free advice to the project that seeks to promote literature and reading among children. This project covers almost all public schools in Pozuelo de Alarcón. The objectives of the Central Association to "C" are:

    1. To promote the love of reading and writing.

    Write well and read well are actions that are of the same hand.

    The program is highly motivating for Kids @ s then invites them to stop and think about: their ideas and emotions, anecdotes, their fears and concerns and their dreams, changing everything in a story.

    2. Encourage creativity and imagination.

    In the case of niñ 's the inspiration gives way to imagination and emerging three groups of small works of art imbued all of his own personality. Thus, little by little, are coming to our hands:

    - his writings, which are none other than his stories written in a language that we can get adults to imitate but never equal, and their autographs so tender, so much fun and such other emotive all.

    - his illustrations, that despite being in black and white issue of budget, our artists do not understand why numbers and reach us with the colors of the rainbow, drawn without hesitation, without fear of being judged and feeling free required to follow a certain style.

    - their covers, that all of them framed and displayed in the most famous contemporary art museums would match any of the artists exhibited there.

    3. Instilling values ??of solidarity.

    Undoubtedly, social awareness goes through us aware we as adults and raise awareness among young and adults of tomorrow.

    Awareness and become aware:

    - That every gesture counts.

    - Of that total is the sum of all and that many "inches" are achieved great things.

    This program aims to impress upon the minds of children activities that help them understand the magnitude of their small gestures.

    We use:

    Cooperation and respect as the basis and the imagination and the books as tools.

    4. Build self-confidence and responsibility.

    The s obesity strengthen their self-esteem to see his effort:

    - Used to help others.

    - It is valued for its environment.

    At the same time become aware that should do well, taking responsibility for their personal work.

    5. Promote teamwork:

    5.1. Among students:

    What makes the program different is that CEN C is not a contest or a contest.

    The CEN program with C does not select the "best stories" because we assume that each has a talent Niñ 'own staff and brings the best of himself in his writings.

    The reward for their effort is to see their stories published, and our eyes of joy the day that we deliver.

    Thus, s obesity-writers strive to provide the best of themselves to improve the group's work that they need to become aware of others as people need them.

    5.2. Among the associates:

    Each and every one of the collaborating institutions play an important role, and relying on each other to get to all CEN program with "C" a reality.

    6. Invite reflection, meditation.

    One of the recurring phrases in adults to give pause to the smallest of the consequences of their actions (positive and negative) is as follows:

    “What if everyone did like you ...?”

    The CEN program with "C" is intended to make a call to reflection following the same approach. How? Pointing out to s obesity with small gestures at your hands (like writing a story) always backed by their elders, we can together create a better tomorrow.

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