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Extranet: Arranet - Arrabe Asesores

Extranet: ARRANET

Arrabe Asesores offers its customers an online service extranet to develop a comprehensive and well coordinated advice.

ARRANET is a secure access point and specific to each customer that can keep up with the latest news and exchange and access to the most outstanding of the company (To access click on the image).

The advantages of working online in a common area and free from any interference allows:

  • Share large documents in real time.
  • Keep track of the working papers.
  • Establish a common calendar and other resources related to the daily work.
  • To promote teamwork, even if you have to add a third to a specific issue.
  • Promote the work between departments and from different parts of the world.
  • Avoid overloading the regular emails.

The on-line service Arrabe Advisors is a virtual office open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year which can be accessed from anywhere in the world with simple Internet connection.

To solve any problem with passwords, information contained in the Extranet and / or running it, please contact via telephone: 902 104 621 / 917 140 489, or through For proper use of the application we recommend using Internet Explorer.

“To access and / or use of certain services under registration, the user must assign a name / s and a User / s password / s, pledging to make diligent use of both (username and password), and maintain Secret of the same responding well to all the costs of misuse and neglect of them. Access to this system is restricted, requiring that companies interested in its use, Arrabe contract this service to Consultants ("Provider") to acquire the status of "Participants ". They may also make use of the "Authorized Users" by the Participants."

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