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Labor and Social Security Management. Arrabe Asesores

Labor and Social Security Management

1. For the part-time workers, do they correspond annual leave in proportion to the hours they work?

The percentage of time that work has no impact on holidays to enjoy. The number of days of annual leave is 30 calendar days legally (except by collective agreement that regulates a number of different days) and enjoyed in proportion to the number of days worked during the year, regardless of days worked are to day full or part time.

2. If a worker is low by illness or accident, do I have to pay him on its payroll to 100% of your monthly salary?

Only if the implementation agreement so provides. We will have to pay the rates specified in collective agreements. If the agreement does not regulate such matters application shall be paid to the rates determined by social security, in any case, representing 100% of salary

3. Can worker and firm agree on lower wages than those covered by a collective agreement?

No. It would be a pact legally void. You can not pay wages lower than those established in collective agreements for each category in proportion to the hours worked.

4 .- In the case of an accident on a worker's job, how much money the company is entitled to collect from the Mutua to offset the payroll of the employee?

The company is entitled to receive an amount corresponding to 75% of the worker's contribution base, from the previous month down by accident. The monthly base is divided between the day of the month and get a daily amount that is applied to the aforementioned 75%, which is what you can deduct for each day of sick worker. Charged from the day after the low, and in social insurance discounts for the month in which the worker is low.

5 .- In case of dismissal of an employee, do I have notice with 15 days notice?

In the case of dismissal for misconduct, you do not notice. In dismissals for objective reasons is required 30 days notice or financial compensation if the days of lack of notice.

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