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Source: Self production 3 January 2013

Minimum wage, IMPREM index and interests for 2013

General State Budget law and accompanying laws tell the rules of the many variables that we use all along the year

El Gobierno ha superado sin obstaculos significativos los trámites parlamentarios
El Gobierno ha superado sin obstaculos significativos los trámites parlamentarios

Like every year two essential rules have been published:

On the one side Law 17/2012 dated 27 December into the General State Budget for 2013 (BOE dated 28 December 2012) which, in its 39th will sets the legal interest rate, late payment rate and in subsidy issues.

1st. Legal interest rate: 4%.

2nd. Late payment rate referred by 26.6 art. in Law 58/2003 dated 17 December, General Taxation Law: 5%.

3rd. Late payment rate referred by 38.2 art. in Law 38/2003 dated 17 November, General Subsidies Law: 5%.

 Equally, the Public Income Index (IPEM) for 2013 has been determined, which has been set in the same terms as in 2012:

a) Daily: 17,75 euros

b) Monthly: 532,51 euros

c) Annual: 6.390,13 euros

d) The reference to the minimum wage in the budgets has been substituted by the term IPREM (Public Income Index). As it is set in the Royal Decree-Law 3/2004 dated 25 June, IPREM's annual amount will be of 7.455,14 when the corresponding rules refers to the annual minimum wage, except if extra pays are excluded. In this case the amount will be of 6.390,13 euros.

On the other hand, the Royal Decree-Law 17/2012 dated 28 December (BOE dated 31 December 2012), has set the minimum wage for year 2013, which has been set in 21,51 euros per day or 645,30 euros per month. These new quantities represent an increase of 0,6% in relation to the current ones between January the 1st and December the 31st 2012, which is the result of considering all the factors included in the 27.1 art. from the Workers' Statute.

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