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Source: Arrabe Asesores 16 March 2011

Special term option to cover contingencies professionals and the cessation of business for self-employed

Extended the deadline to apply for coverage until the next day June 30

Article 47.4.2. Nd the general regulation on business registration and enrollment, additions, deletions and changes of data workers in Social Security, approved by Royal Decree 84/1996 of 26 January, regulating the exercise of option and the waiver of the coverage of industrial accidents and occupational diseases under the Special Scheme for Workers Self-Employed.

To facilitate access to the late provision for cessation of activity by those employees, regulated in Law 32/2010, of August 5, whose coverage is linked to the contingencies of those professionals, it is advisable to enable self-employed workers who had not opted for the latter protection, proceed to exercise this option by issuing a special term for it.

Workers at the date of entry into force of this order appear high on the Special Scheme for Self-Employed or self-employed and are not covered by contingency protection professionals and for cessation of activity, are eligible for coverage until June 30, 2011, with effect from the first day of the month following that option.

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