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Source: Arrabe Asesores 21 December 2010

Arrabe Asesores, Inc. concluding a trade agreement with Contabilidade e Assessoria Velani.

The agreement will enable customers of both firms access to its services in Spain and Brazil to develop its business

Madrid, December 21, 2010 .- Arrabe Asesores, SA, and Velani Contabilidade e Assessoria, Business consulting firms, have signed a trade agreement of collaboration to make available to their customers the business network of offices and services that both companies have paid in Spain and Brazil.

Given the increasing incidence detected by clients of the firm Arrabe Advisors, Inc., to seek specific advice from business operations in Brazil, as well as the implementation of possible lines of business in this country, the direction of the company began series of contacts with firms of similar characteristics in terms of configuration, quality and quantity of services provided. Thus last week signed a framework agreement between two commercial entities, which was subsequently translated into the formal signing of a mutual agreement of collaboration.

Velani Contabilidade e Assessoria, is a company aimed at supporting the SMEs, entrepreneurs and professionals in the areas of accounting, taxation, personnel management and management support in general.

Started its activity in 1977 and has been steadily increasing its human resource structure, reinforcing it with technical expertise, properly prepared to effectively meet the growing demands is headquartered São José do Rio Preto town near Sao Paulo.

With the agreement now signed, it seeks to provide customers with greater coverage of services and with existing beyond our borders, from the quality and level of commitment that so far have paid.

The basis of the Agreement are set out in the following sections:

    A) Advice from both Offices in:

  • Preparation of reports and consultations on behalf of potential clients in Commercial, Tax, Accounting, Management, Human Resource Management, etc..
  • Updating the legal rules of common interest and updating of legislation and interpretation of rules.
  • Collaboration in advising on all contracted services to common customers.


    B) Establishment and operation of companies under the different legal forms available:

  • Permanent Establishment.
  • Limited Liability Companies.
  • Corporations.
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and liquidations of companies, etc.
  • Trade Secretariat, processing scripts, and negotiations with public bodies, whether state, regional or local.

    C) Specific management procedures for:

  • Tax Preparation.
  • Consulting local and regional area.
  • Representing clients before agencies of any kind.

    D) Work monthly fee, upon acceptance of quotation, the keeping of accounting, financial management and legal work of all types of businesses.

For more information:

R. Com. Antonio Teixeira Correa Leite, 716
Jd. Redentor - CEP 15015-610
São José do Rio Preto - SP
17 | 3201 777

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