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Source: Arrabe Asesores 7 November 2011

Fellows will contribute to Social Security from November 1

People who have participated in training before the entry into force of Royal Decree may sign a special agreement that allows them to quote the computation of up to two years

October 21, 2011 .- The Council of Ministers on a proposal of the Minister of Labour and Immigration, Valeriano Gómez, has today approved the Royal Decree that regulates the inclusion in the General Social Security for people who participate in of training. Who would have done prior to the entry into force of Royal Decree may conclude a special agreement that allowed the calculation of contributions to a maximum of two years.

The Royal Decree provides that persons who participate in training programs related to college or vocational training, financed by public or private organizations, including training practices involving a financial consideration for those affected, will be treated as employees for for inclusion in the General Social Security. Fellows must prove their status certificate issued by the bodies or firms that finance them.

Membership will run from the date of commencement to the cessation of the activity of participating in the training program. The quote will be conducted using the same rules established for training and apprenticeship contracts in regard to common and professional contingencies, as well as vocational training, established in the Law of the State Budget. They must contribute for unemployment contingency or the Wage Guarantee Fund.

To this end, the company or organization to fund the training program shall have the status of entrepreneur and assume the rights and obligations attached to them in the General Regime of Social Security. Fellows will have the same coverage that members of the General Scheme, except for unemployment protection.

Persons who have participated in training programs prior to the entry into force of Royal Decree may sign a special agreement with the Social Security, one-time, allowing them to quote for the computation of the periods during which he held a scholarship, both in Spain and abroad, to a maximum of two years. To receive this special agreement the applicant must show that duration of training programs that have participated. Only be taken into account for these effects, the last two years.

The contribution base for the special convention shall consist of the minimum contribution base in force in the General Regime of Social Security in the corresponding period, which will apply a reduction coefficient of 0.77. You can request the signing of special agreement to the December 31, 2012. In this case, the total amount of the contribution may be paid in a lump sum or in installments in a maximum number of months equal to double the number that are formalized in the agreement.

The fellows who are in the situation regulated by Royal Decree at the time of entry into force will be incorporated into the general scheme from that date for which the agencies or companies that finance the training program must apply for registration as company and the opening of trading account code.

The price paid for the month of November 2011 may enter without penalty and interest on late payments until January 31, 2012.

The Government estimates that there may be around 30,000 people at the set of trainees in universities, foundations and other organizations providing such training aid. It is also estimated between 100,000 and 200,000 the number of people eligible to sign the special convention for having had the status of trainees above.

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