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Source: Arrabe Asesores 14 February 2011

Stable employment and retraining

Approved emergency plan to promote stable employment and retraining

The Council of Ministers approved a Royal Decree on Urgent Measures to promote the transition to stable employment and retraining of the unemployed.
This Royal Decree develops known as the Emergency Plan, including the Economic and Social Agreement signed with the social partners, which includes four concrete measures with a temporary nature:
Exceptional employment program for transition to the stable. Will be a special, limited in time, 12 months, and promote the recruitment of young people up to thirty years and people in long-term unemployment with a part-time work between 50 and 75 100 of the total.
This recruitment will be right for twelve months to a reduction in employers' contributions to Social Security 100-100, if companies with fewer than 250 employees, or 75 100, in the case of companies with more than 250 employees, provided leading to an increase in staff of the company.
Moreover, when these contracts involve temporary basis, provided that the minimum duration is six months, there will be incentives for conversion to permanent contracts.
Retraining program for people who have exhausted their unemployment protection. This specific program of national benefit to those people who, as of February 16, 2011, exhaust their unemployment protection.
This new program establishes the rights of the beneficiaries:
Make an individualized and personalized itinerary that includes a diagnosis inclusion on their employability, and active policy measures aimed at improving employment.
Participate in measures of active employment policy aimed at retraining and / or vocational rehabilitation necessary to facilitate their incorporation into the labor market, especially in emerging sectors with high growth potential.

Receive up to a maximum of six months, financial support to accompany the four euros, linked to performance of the shares of active employment policy, where household incomes do not exceed 75 per 100 of the minimum wage.
Actions to improve the employability performances combining counseling and job training. Public Employment Services will implement individualized and customized itineraries employment for young people, over 45 long-term unemployed and people from the construction industry and others affected by the crisis, within these groups, having low qualification.
Inclusion of unemployed people in training activities aimed at busy people. During 2011 the Public Employment Services will ensure that the training plans for persons employed primarily to participate in the overall implementation plan and in relation to the total of people who start training in the same, between 20 and 100 and 40 per 100 people unemployed.
Through this Emergency Plan, the Government aims to help companies advance procurement decisions of workers, mostly young and long-term unemployed; to affordable coverage to people who exhaust their unemployment protection while improving their employability support Custom unemployed persons in active job search and increase training opportunities for unemployed people to improve their chances of returning to the labor market.

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