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Source: Cámara Madrid 14 March 2011

Managerial meeting Thailand and Vietnam

From May 23 to May 27, 2011

To promote the cooperation between Spanish and local companies in the sectors of food-processing industry, environment, industrial machinery and technologies of the information.


 In the cities of Bangkok, on the 23rd and 24th of May, and in Ho Chi Minh, on the 26th and 27th of May.


 The International Monetary Fund places Vietnam as the best economy of THEY her ADORN as for perspectives of growth of the GDP, in 2010 with 6,5 %, and in 2011, with 6,8 %, and as the most dynamic between the emergent Asians, after China and India.

In addition, it is a destination of future for the foreign investment, according to the following factors: demography with majority of young population (almost 90 million inhabitants with the half of them 30-year-old minors), a great private sector, the agreements signed with the WTO (I access in 2007), a great rural market for exploiting and the legislative reforms introduced recently.

 The political instability, close to the effects of the world recession, provoked that the economy of Thailand was contracting 2,2 % in 2009, after having registered positive growths in the previous years. Nevertheless, according to the International Monetary Fund, the economy presents evident signs of recovery, with forecasts of 7,5 % for 2010 and of 4 % for 2011. On the other hand, Thailand constitutes one of the principal markets of the Asian Southeast, with a population of 67 million inhabitants, a GDP of 312.000 million dollars and it rents one per capita of 4.620 dollars.

The Chamber facilitates

 Agenda of work with companies and organisms of interest, elaborated in agreement with the specifications that you determine.
 Economic and sectorial relevant Information of this market.
 75 % of the cost of the air ticket.
 Personalized advice.
 Logistic organization of the action.

 Before next March 10.

Person in charge of the Meeting: Arancha Mateo, Department of Exterior Trade.

 Tel. 91 538 3500. E-mail:

 Card of Inscription


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