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Source: Arrabe Asesores 31 August 2011

On September 1, comes into force the new contract to train young people up to 30 years

On September 1, shall enter into force the decree law approved by the Government last August 30 that includes the new training contract until 2013, may be made to persons under 30 years. new-contract-formation

Official State Bulletin (BOE) has published the Royal Decree of "urgent measures for the promotion of youth employment, the promotion of employment stability and maintenance of retraining program for people who exhaust their benefit unemployment. "

All measures included in the decree shall enter into force with effect from September 1, except for extending the help of 400 euros for the unemployed who have exhausted their benefits, which has effect from 16 August.

The law includes other measures, most notably the suspension for two years from the obligation to make fixed for workers over a period of 30 months have been chained for 24 months on temporary contracts.

Also extended until 2012 the deadline for temporary contracts may become permanent employment promotion, featuring an award of 33 days per year worked in case of unfair dismissal, compared with 45 days of conventional fixed contract.

In addition, the decree postponing the fund for the capitalization of dismissal, which was scheduled in the labor reform, because it requires an investment is not viable in the current economic situation.

To compensate, 2013 be extended until the assumption by the Wage Guarantee Fund (FOGASA) Payment of 8 days per year worked in dismissals for objective reasons which are justified and that involve compensation of 20 days per year worked.

Also, the FOGASA be integrated with the Public Employment Service in a single agency within six months from the approval of decree.

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