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Source: Arrabe Asesores 29 October 2009

Arrabe Advisors wins VI Award Personal and Professional Life Conciliation

The City Hall delivers VI Awards Personal and professional life Conciliation. In category A (large firms with over 50 employees) the winner is France Telecom Spain. In category B (medium-sized enterprises between 10 and 49 workers) the winner is Arrabe Advisors. In category C (micro-enterprises with fewer than 10 employees) the winner is Kiduu Infant School.

VI Premio de Conciliación de Vida Personal y Laboral
VI Premio de Conciliación de Vida Personal y Laboral

Pozuelo City Council, through its council of Women, is developing an ambitious program of reconciliation with companies in the municipality, in collaboration with the Directorate General of Women of the Community of Madrid, in relation to the agreement signed with that institution, to promote equal opportunities through the implementation of actions in the area of reconciliation of family and professional life. In addition, Pozuelo de Alarcon has the second Plan of Equal Opportunities, within which the notice is given of the Prize, whose career high participation of enterprises have become a benchmark in the Community of Madrid.

In this sixth edition of the award "Reconciling family and professional life, have attended some 250 firms based in our town. The number of participating companies is the highest of the six editions, with an increase of 100 companies on the last edition of 2008 or what is the same, 67% more. Awards Reconciling personal and professional life, reward the quantity, quality and implementation of business conciliatory measures. The assessment of them in the areas of Pozuelo work is done through a detailed study of the background of each conciliator. This is done a survey and an interview in contrast to an HR representative of the company that chooses the award. Subsequently developed a ranking positions in the top ten companies (by category) higher score. Of the ten finalists by category (large, medium and small enterprises), a jury composed of professionals of various kinds between entrepreneurs, journalists, representatives of municipal associations, public administration and the winners of the previous year, meets to assess, discuss and select 3 winners. For the awards, the council of Women has had the collaboration of Mabel Lozano as a presenter, who said that "Pozuelo itself deserves to be rewarded for these awards to promote reconciliation.

This time i-Hotel, located in the City Image, provided a venue to accommodate the political representatives of the participating companies and members of the jury for the awards. During the course of the event, chaired by the Mayor of Pozuelo, Gonzalo Aguado, along with Councilman Women, Pablo Rivas, took awards, one for each category: large, medium and small enterprises and also how novelty of this edition, all enterprises classified, ie the top 10 in each mode have also received a diploma that rewards your work by conciliation. This award aims to businesses to make use of it in its corporate advertising, presentations and reports.


Category A (large companies, with over 50 employees): France Telecom Spain.
Category B (medium-sized enterprises, 10 to 49 employees): Arrabe Advisors.
Category C (micro-enterprises with fewer than 10 employees): Kiduu Infant School.


Category A: Avanade Spain. Carrier Spain. Advances Ydilo Voice Solutions. Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. Unique Legalitas Sau. Cigna Life Insurance Company of Europe. Media Production.
Category B: More Aforcod Group. Stratégie & kalidad Gis. Mallorca. Datis. Caterpillar Financial Corporation. Aísleme. Eldon Spain S.A.U. Casen-Fleet Laboratories.
In category C: Echegama Services Integrales. Editions Mora Gama. Outward Bound Spain. Lopez Brothers Printing and Stationery. Art Marketing. 7P Marketing. Nexans Iberia. Podiatry Clinic. Quorum Advisors JA.

Arrabe Asesores gana el VI Premio de Conciliación de la vida personal y profesional

Women Councilman Paul Rivas, wanted to take this opportunity to remember "the importance of conciliation and especially in times of crisis and severe economic situation in which we live. So I will not ask you conciliéis, but to remind that reconciling work and productivity as to present a conciliatory measures to promote the most effective solutions that can be reversed in an optimization in the income statement. Therefore, concluded the first mayor 'reconcile is that workers are happier to hold more but find the balance and reciprocity between the company and the family. Only if the companies reach this goal is achieved the goals sought.

The councilman added that in regard to the municipal contribution to promote compromise, "we will continue launching new ideas and implementing the current and the novelty of this year through the online registration of companies to choose to study." Mayor Gonzalo Aguado, responsible for delivering the prize to the category of big business, closed the ceremony by recalling that "this award leads by example because it is the first attendance, as mayor, at an awards ceremony held in mornings, so the prize can reconcile reconciliation. In addition, he welcomed by the great reception that has this award, especially when the prize provides no monetary remuneration.

Finally, he stressed that "in Spain only 7% of businesses have a plan of conciliation, we are the country that spends more hours in the office and the third in line in terms of productivity."

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