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Source: Arrabe Asesores 26 April 2010

Bonus in the prices to the social safety for reduction and prevention of the labor siniestrabilidad.

The past 01-04-2010 was published in the BOE the Royal decree 404/2010, by that a system of incentives is regulated to the companies that they contribute effectively and of way contrastable to the reduction and to the prevention of the labor siniestrabilidad..

In this first year of application to choose the bonus it is necessary to request and assemble a series of requirements it.

It is considered Companies Beneficiaries Those that they have quoted more than 5.000 € with a view to Professional Contingencies In the period of observation exigible: 01-01-09 to 31-12-09:

Departing from the previous prerequisite, they must assemble different these:

  1. Processes or equipments have realized investments, in facilities, directed to the decrease of risks. These investments must be documented and determined quantitatively. He will justify himself by means of certification signed by the businessman, with the conformity of the delegates of prevention.
  2. Not to exceed the limits of the indexes of siniestralidad general and extreme, excluded the accidents in itinere.
  3. To be to the corriente of the payments in the National Health Service.
  4. Not to have be sanctioned by the Inspection of work, by firm resolution, as for prevention of labor risks.
  5. To expire with the basic requirements as for prevention of labor risks. He was justifying himself by means of a questionnaire named Autodeclaration on preventive activities and on the existence of representation of the workers as for prevention of labor risks, which appears in the annexe of the Royal decree. This document the businessman will have to make it with the help of his service of prevention, for very technical questions contain that they competen to them.

For if the previous requirements were small, in addition there had be to realize in the same period of observation, 01-01-09 to 31-12-09, at least two of the following actions:

  1. Incorporation to the insole of own resources of prevention (designated workers or own service of prevention)
  2. Accomplishment of external audits of the preventive system of the company.
  3. Existence of plans of road mobility in the company like measure to anticipate the work accidents in mission and the accidente " in itínere ".
  4. Accreditation of the decrease of the percentage of workers of the company or center of work exposed to irrigations of occupational disease.
  5. Qualit certificate of the organization and functioning of the system of prevention of labor risks of the company, sent by entity or organism due accredited by the National Entity of Accreditation.

Other information of interest:

Maximum amount to charge for the companies beneficiaries:

Maximum amount to charge for the companies beneficiarias:Para this first year will be able to be up to 5 % of the quotas paid for professional contingencies, With the limit of the realized investments.

Term to present the request:

From 01-04-10 to 15-05-10.

Place of Presentation of the requests:

Before the Mutual one with which the professional contingencies are had compound.

Collection date:

When it is authorized by the Headquarter of Arrangement of the National Health Service, that it is whom the Mutual one must direct the requests.

Inspection and Control:

The Headquarter of Arrangement of the Security will put at the disposal of the Inspection of Work and National Health Service, the information relative to the companies solicitors for his checking. The lack of veracity will carry to the return of the perceived incentive and the exclusion of the access to the same one, without prejudice that of the visit of inspection other irregularities detect to themselves as for prevention that they could be capable of sanction.

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