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Source: Arrabe Asesores 3 November 2010

State Labor Party Calendar for 2011

Resolution of October 7, 2010, the Directorate General of Labour, which publishes the list of working parties for 2011

View the list of Labour Party in 2011 sent by the seventeen autonomous regions and cities of Ceuta and Melilla to the Ministry of Labour and Immigration.

And taking into consideration the following


First.- In accordance with the provisions of Article 45.5 of Royal Decree 2001/1983 of 28 July, according to the wording given to it by the Royal Decree 1346/1989, of November 2, the seventeen Autonomous Regions and Cities Ceuta and Melilla have been sent to the Ministry of Labour and Immigration Labour Party's relationship to the year 2011.

Second.- That the referral of the Labour Party that has been referred to the aims of its publication in the Official Gazette of the State "as provided in Article 45.4 of Royal Decree 2001/1983.

For the past made the following apply

Fundamentals of law

First.- When the article 45 of Royal Decree 2001/1983, of July 28, lists the national parties, of a paid and not recoverable, distinguishes between those listed in paragraphs a), b) and c) having the national character can not replace the Autonomous Communities and those, those reflected in paragraph d), for which the Autonomous Communities may choose to celebrate in their territory the parties or replaced by others who, by their own traditional.

Second.- May between the powers granted in favor of the Autonomous Communities in Article 45.3 of Royal Decree 2001/1983, is also the possibility of replacing the rest of Monday for national holidays that match on Sunday by the addition to the relationship Party of the Autonomous Region of others that they are traditional, as well as the choice between the celebration of the Feast of San José or the St. James on the relevant territory.

Additionally, paragraph 2 of Article 37 of the Statute of Workers, Royal Decree 1 / 1995 of March 24, last paragraph empowers those Autonomous Communities could not establish one of their traditional celebrations Sunday, a match is not sufficient number of holidays to add, in the year that it happens, a party more as a matter of recoverable maximum of fourteen.

Third.- That the Department of Labor has jurisdiction to order the publication in the Official Gazette "of the relationship of parties notified accordingly as provided in the aforementioned Article 45.4 of Royal Decree 2001/1983, and Royal Decree 1129/2008, of 4 July, to comply with the general aim of facilitating knowledge throughout the national territory of all the working parties, so that together with the publication of the celebrations of Autonomous Communities and Cities of Ceuta and Melilla are transcribed also working holiday nationwide permanent contained in that provision.

Having regard to the statutory provisions quoted and others of general application.

The Directorate General of Labour has the publication in the Official Gazette "of the relationship of parties at national, Autonomous Community and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla, which are annexed to this resolution.

Madrid, October 7, 2010.-The Director General of Labour, José Luis Rodríguez Villar.

Fiestas Laborales 2011

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