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Source: Libertad Digital 5 October 2009

Learn how to pay less income tax 2009

With the offensive of the government tax is now more necessary than ever to reduce the tax bill. Digital Freedom begins a series of articles with recommendations to pay less to finance. The first explains how to optimize the income statement.

The huge hole that the government has opened accounts in the state (and autonomous regions and municipalities in their budget balances) anticipates a period of higher taxation. A time when citizens and businesses will be reduced resources, crippling the economy.

Nobody believes that about "tax us all," especially when we know that between 40% and 70% of the salaries of politicians are out of the clutches of the Treasury. Lawmakers tightened the screws on the taxpayers while they enjoy great exemptions when paying taxes.

Digital Freedom begins a series of articles to which citizens and businesses know what possibilities there are to reduce your tax bill, with the help of Arraba ADVISERS. Miguel Angel Ferrer, managing partner and head of the Department of the Attorney-Accountant advice, along with his partner Ana Herrera, reveal some keys to optimizing the next tax return.

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