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Source: Arrabe Asesores 21 March 2011

New service center to finance companies

Arrabe Advisors implements a new support service for companies that need funding

In Arrabe Advisors, Inc., we recognize the enormous difficulties faced by the employer at the time of applying for means of financing their businesses. We are aware of the reality of your company, your balance sheet structures, their real needs, costs and fees ...

Accordingly, we take the lead in the market for advice on making available a new and innovative SERVICE FINANCING BUSINESS to help others with the processing and obtaining financing and refinancing through the 2011 ICO.

Our service is the development of the required feasibility plan for customer records, and, if needed and authorize us to do, to act as its interlocutor with whom the bank to request funding.

We would remind you of news and general features of the principal financing the 2011 Official Credit Institute (ICO) and financial institutions have launched the self-employed, companies and public institutions: the ICO Investment Sustainable ICO Investment, ICO ICO Internationalization and Liquidity.

Eligible investments are held as:

- Fixed assets productive new or second hand.

- VAT or IGIC.

- Scales up to € 30,000 the amount for the financing of passenger cars.

- The acquisition of companies.

In the year 2011, can finance virtually any type of project and investment. Investments may not be older than the January 1, 2010, and be made within a maximum of 12 months from the signing of the operation.

Interest rates are preferential to any other entities that offer credit to be subsidized by the ICO, whether fixed or variable rate.

The maximum loan amount that can be requested is 10 million €, in one or more transactions.

Scales up to 20 years maturity for investment and internationalization lines. Therefore, the customer can choose between 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15 or 20 years, and various vesting periods as elected term. ICO for the repayment term liquidity will be 7 years.

All ICO are exempt from fee, except ICO ICO Direct and SGR.

It keeps the line of financing working capital of creditworthy and viable through the ICO-Liquidity, not needing justification of the use of such funds.

Through the Sustainable Investment ICO fund any investments that include new production processes, new products or services and / or new management or business, which enhance the efficient use of resources and / or a reduction environmental impacts.

In addition, ICO ICO Sustainable Investment and Internationalisation have a bonus of 0.35% interest rate for the first two million funding.

Eligible for Internationalization ICO self-employed and public and private entities, both resident in Spain and those that remain resident abroad have most of the Spanish capital.

Most banks and savings banks have signed a collaboration agreement with the ICO.

We remind that freelancers and SMEs can also apply for funding directly to the ICO (ICODIRECTO line) through the channel of "financial facilitator" for investment or for liquidity, with a maximum of 200,000 €.

We are available on the phone 902,547,950 for further information.
Our fees are only a success fee on the financing obtained

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